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cutebabygirl1225 March 29th, 2012 09:59 AM

Progesterone after miscarriage.....help please!
Here is a little background. I have had 3 healthy pregnancies and 3 healthy children (no complications with them). In Dec. 2011 i had my first miscarriage. The baby stopped growing at 6w1d but did have a heartbeat before the mc. I'm pregnant again. I'm 6w3d and so far no spotting/bleeding/etc so thats good....i hope....anyways. I went to the doctor on monday at 6w0d and they did an ultrasound and there was a heartbeat and the doc said everything appeared to be normal and ok (with the mc they said the sac looked small and wanted another ultrasound and i mc before the other ultrasound) after the ultrasound she did blood work to check my progesterone level. She called me tuesday and said that my progesterone was low and prescribed me Progesterone 50mg suppositories 2x a day (every 12 hours or as close as i could to keep level). My question is: will starting the meds at 6w1d still save my pregnancy or will i still probably loose the baby? I have another ultrasound on april 4th to recheck heartbeat and make sure that its increasing and everything is still ok but that is a week away and its killing me not knowing if my baby will be ok starting the supp that late in pregnancy or if the baby will be ok. Please let me know your stories or my chances. Ive searched online but its not been a lot of help. Please be honest!

momof8lopez March 29th, 2012 01:58 PM

Re: Progesterone after miscarriage.....help please!
Although they do say it is most beneficial to start the progesterone upon finding out your pregnant, Ive seen alot of women here start it at your stage and go on to have healthy baby's. Did the dr. say what your level was? I think if you have a nice h/b, measuring on time and no spotting, all should be fine!! Congrats on your pregnancy and hoping all is well with the next u/s!

Mom2Brendan March 30th, 2012 11:16 AM

Re: Progesterone after miscarriage.....help please!
Sorry for your loss. Yes, there are many women out there who saw that there progesterone was low and they had late start with suppositories which they still had healthy babies. I suggest if you want more specific answers join Pregnancy After Loss Playroom

Nkambarova March 30th, 2012 06:04 PM

Re: Progesterone after miscarriage.....help please!
Hi. I'm new to JM! I had a CP in Jan and I am now newly pregnant 5 w1d. I had light brown spotting 2 days ago and very light last night. I did blood work yesterday and was told that my levels of progesterone are low at 100ng/ml. My dr is putting me on progesterone and wants my levels to be at 200-300ng/ml. From what I've been reading, it seems like my levels are actually on the high side... Am I wrong?

For cutebabygirl1225, my nurse told me today that when they notice the low progesterone, medication will give the baby a better chance, but if there are chromosomal abnormalities, then no matter what you do, it will end in a mc. But just keep thinking optimistically and pray instead of worrying. Just put your baby in God's hands. No matter what, being pregnant is truly a blessing.

cutebabygirl1225 March 30th, 2012 06:06 PM

Re: Progesterone after miscarriage.....help please!
Thank you guys for all your help. I'm just so scared. This might be my last baby because it is my 4th but i hope everything ends well and in about 8 1/2 months!

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