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layla2013 August 4th, 2013 06:18 AM

weight gain in early pregnancy
with my first pregnancy i gaind WAY TO MUCH, (about 125lbs)
with this pregnancy i told myself i wanted to gain 40 pounds!
but i am only 9 weeks pregnant and i gaind already 9 pounds....
i eat healthy and i dont over eat eather...
my problem is at night i feel nauseous and food helps... usually bagel... and i think that's why i gained somuch already because i eat at night... does anyone have any tricks on how not to eat at night time.... or what i can eat that wont make me gain somuch weight fast....

i will admit that i dont exercise regulary...
do you have any suggestions that can make exercise fun with a toddler. i am home alone with my son most of the time. i have to cook clean etc.... so any thing that i can slip into our routine .....? :)

i would also love to hear about your weight gain and pregnancy... how fast did you gain weight ....

UncetainMommy August 4th, 2013 10:07 AM

Re: weight gain in early pregnancy
I tend to eat a cheese stick and a couple crackers or a small handful of grapes or baby carrots at night.

Last pregnancy I gained 13lbs in the first trimester, lost 2lbs in month 4 and then nothing after that. After I gave birth I found out that I'd actually lost 20lbs since when I first got pregnant. I was almost 100lbs overweight prepregnancy though. I'm still rather overweight but it's more like 40-60lbs overweight. I also don't exercise nearly as much as I should. So I honestly don't know how I lost weight while pregnant. The only time I paid attention to my diet was during the last couple of months when I was diagnosed with GD.

Orangebrittainy August 4th, 2013 11:49 AM

Re: weight gain in early pregnancy
I would still eat at night, but maybe try replacing a snack during the day with peppermint? Also talk to your doctor, they should be able to help.

layla2013 August 4th, 2013 02:15 PM

Re: weight gain in early pregnancy
:) its a great idea to replace a snack in day with peppermint! i use to do that when i craved junk food . that should work!!! mabey at night also im goning to try to eat a peppermint or a ginger candy instead of a bagle..... :)
i am on a waiting list to be followed by a nutritionist :)

Trish0102 August 26th, 2013 07:16 AM

Re: weight gain in early pregnancy
Cravings are normal during pregnancy. What I did was I usually eat often but in less amount to satisfy my cravings. I also look for alternatives, like when I want something sweet, I eat fruits instead of chocolates.

AnnaBonana August 26th, 2013 07:40 AM

Re: weight gain in early pregnancy
I would cut everything in half. A bagel is already a super calorie dense snack, so I would only make half of a bagel and eat it with a load of water. I've started doing that with all my snacks and some meals as well.

For,example, yesterday DH and I Went for burgers. The burger I got was ridiculously huge (and delicious). I bet it was easily a 600 calorie burger, so I cut it in half. I still got in my craving for burger and fries and. Still felt satisfied!

Good luck! I highly recommend an app that cts as a food diary. It's amazing to see once you write down everything you are consuming.

And drink water! Lots of it! It helps with cravings and can only be good for the baby to stay hydrated!

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