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mikiu December 18th, 2013 02:17 PM

So nervous! Help!
Hi all! It has been 11 years since I have been pregnant and this came as quite a surprise as I have been either on the Mirena or the pill since my last was born. I am 34 years old and just found out late last week I am pregnant (about 4 weeks along today). While we were not planning this we are still excited, as well as shocked. I don't remember being this worried with my previous pregnancies, hoping you all have some advice for me! My main concerns are that I refinished a table, with chemicals, about a week prior to discovering the pregnancy. I also am worried about my age being a factor, I am due 2 days before my 35th birthday but I know my risks must be higher than a 20-something mom-to-be. I was at 2 Christmas parties, one a week before the BFP and the other just two days before, both I drank at. The latter party just 2 beers the other quite a few cocktails. Then the day after the positive result I very lightly spotted light pink in the morning once then a small amount of brown once and was gone by early afternoon then nothing since. Everything I read says implantation bleeding comes before the BFP so I am confused on this?! I am waiting for a call back from my DR but she is taking her time and I am not a patient person. :) Hope some of you can help answer my questions!

Urchin December 18th, 2013 05:53 PM

Re: So nervous! Help!

First of all, congrats!

Next, to address your concerns.

In regards to the table finishing, I am sure it isn't idea to do that while pregnant, but this early on, it is really nothing you should worry too much about. Unless you're constantly exposing yourself, you'll be fine.

Similarly, the alcohol is also something that you really shouldn't stress about. There are lots of women who have done worse and it hasn't effected the baby.

In terms of your age, you're still a spring hen! Sure, some doctors say you're at a bit higher risk for some things, but honestly, the risk is still quite low.

Spotting is VERY common, even after implantation. I spotted on and off (for unknown reasons) from weeks 5 and a half to 17, and my 2 year old daughter is fine :)

Congrats! Make sure you join a Due Date club here!

mikiu December 19th, 2013 11:14 AM

Re: So nervous! Help!
Thank you so much!! Every bit of positive reassurance is comforting! I got an appointment with my Dr next week so I can maybe put my mind at ease.:smile:

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