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Tweetybabies December 14th, 2011 10:27 AM

***December CHAT Thread***
Yes, I realize it actually the middle of the month. Sorry about being MIA and starting this late! :blush:

Hazel - So sorry to hear about your dad! How scary! I've been hearing about terrible car accidents lately. Apparently bad car accidents are a common occurrence by DH's work. :o How is your dad doing now? Hope he's made a quick recovery!

What was I thinking having 2 babies around the holidays!??!!?? As if Christmas and decorating and shopping is not crazy enough, I have to plan 2 birthday parties!!! :pullhair:

Bella Nyxe December 14th, 2011 02:54 PM

Re: ***December CHAT Thread***
twins or two different b-days?

our twins were born in november so its a crazy month for us. i can totally understand.

hope everyone is doing okay :D

this is our last week of school and i am anxiously awaiting the staying home with me. im sick of school. their school that is. their homework and their waking up routine. they need a break too, its wearing on them, poor little guys. they arfe getting bored and ready for that down time with me. im going to take them to the movies at least once (maybe twice) next week alone (the cheep $1.50 movies but still! its a theater :lol: ). and im trying to come up with some a few other things to do but nothing they cant wiggle out of if they decide not to do it. :giggle:

Tweetybabies December 22nd, 2011 06:53 AM

Re: ***December CHAT Thread***
Nope, two babies, 5 years apart. Luc turns 6 New Year's eve and MJ turns less than a couple of weeks later. Yikes! Had Luc's bday party a couple of weeks ago. Only sent out MJ's invites yesterday and her party is in a couple of weeks!

Bella, have fun with your boys! I wish we had cheapie movies around here. It costs us an arm and a leg to go to the movies. We saw Cars 2 over the summer only bc I was able to score free tix for all of us. We still spent a ton on popcorn and drinks.

It's 3 days before Christmas and I'm still not even done with my holiday shopping! :o

ETA: How could I forget!? Tonight DH and I are going to his work holiday party. Without kids!!! :party: I get to dress up and wear heels. I hope I remember how it is to converse with grown ups! :whistle:

Bella Nyxe December 22nd, 2011 09:12 AM

Re: ***December CHAT Thread***
lol, just remember to say "excuss me" instead of "potty"

have fun at the party! :D

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