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jeanbean August 2nd, 2010 07:24 PM

New Here.....
Hello everyone,
My name is Pam. DH and I have been TTC#1 since March 2003. After suffering infertility for many years we finally got pregnant from clomid. This would be our first loss. About a year later we got pregnant naturally (on an off-cycle from medical assistance due to cysts). This was loss #2. We just loss our 3rd baby almost 2 weeks ago. That cycle we used injectibles and did an IUI.

My RE has perfomed all blood tests, karyotying (spelling) of both myself and my DH. I have had an HSG as well. All tests have come back normal. In fact, after our two losses, the RE said he attributed it to "bad luck". Now I am waiting to see our RE again (in about 2 weeks). What in the world is he going to tell me now? All the research I've read said that only about 1 in 100 couples experience three or more miscarriages in a row. DH and I don't want to lose another baby. I'm 34 and DH is 33. My ob/gyn said that he is not the expert, but believes that when my egg meets DH sperm, the chromosomes just aren't lining up. Then he went on to talk about donor egg/sperm....is this what we are left with? Never to have a biological child of our own....

We are in such a different boat than what we were when we started this journey. At first, we could not get pregnant...now, for some reason, our babies don't develop. We've never heard a heartbeat or anything.

Any personal stories of hope, success, dead ends, anything. Thank you for listening.

rebeccabaltimore and more August 2nd, 2010 08:36 PM

Re: New Here.....
I don't know a lot about the biology of recurrent m/c, my losses were of a different sort. I know that blood clotting disorders are a common cause, you may want to ask your doctor if he/she has tested for that. My sister is a genetic counselor and I've talked to her about recurrent m/c, and she said that beyond chromosomal problems and blood clotting disorders, recurrent m/c is sadly random. But that does mean that the next time may be different. My mom had back to back m/c's in her late 30's, but at 40 she welcomed healthy twin boys into the world.

I am sorry for your losses and for the helplessness you must be feeling. I wish you didn't have to be here, but it is a supportive place to be. :dothug:

esparando para bebé August 3rd, 2010 07:06 AM

Re: New Here.....
A sad, but warm welcome to the board. I agree with Rebecca about asking if they'd checked for a clotting factor. The good news is, most women who experience RPL do go on to have a healthy child in the future. There is still hope. :dothug:

As for my story, well, we're still writing it. I've had four miscarriages and start injectibles in October. I do have a clotting disorder. (I have two different mutations of the MTHFR gene.) Clotting disorders are easily treated too. I take B6, B12, 4mg Folic Acid, and a Prenatal Vitamin daily. Once I get pregnant again, I will use Heparin injections.

I would like to invite you to take a look at the stickied threads on the board. If you are willing, please add your family to our dates thread.

Again, I'd like to welcome you with a big :grouphug: I hope that you find this board as supportive as I have.

ZoeChloeMommy August 3rd, 2010 11:57 AM

Re: New Here.....
Warm welcome. I am sorry for your losses. Hope you find this board as supportive as the rest of us and it helps you out on your journey.

ambee August 3rd, 2010 01:48 PM

Re: New Here.....
I am so sorry to have to welcome you to our board, but I hope find some comfort and support now that you're here.

My situation was similar to yours. I had 3 losses, 2 early and one at 16 weeks. I was tested for everything under the sun and was told that nothing was really wrong with me. When I got pregnant for a 4th time my doctor immediately put me on progesterone (even though I didn't have a deficiency) and baby asprin as a last ditch effort. I was able to carry my rainbow baby to 34 weeks.

Also, while pregnant with Grace I was again tested for clotting factors. Apparently there are some that are only "triggered" while pregnant. My results came back kind of wacky. My lupus test had a part that came back abnormal. I don't have lupus but definitely had some weird mutation happening that didn't show any of the other 3 times I'd been tested for clotting disorders. I stayed on baby asprin throughout the duration of my pregnancy with Grace and wholeheartedly believe that is why I have my baby today.

I guess all I can say is that Augie is right, statistically most women with RPL do eventually have a healthy pregnancy, though as every woman on this board can tell you it is never an easy road. Best of luck to you through all of your testing, if you ever have any questions please feel free to ask!

MommytoaMiracle August 3rd, 2010 02:35 PM

Re: New Here.....
Hi Pam!

Welcome to the board, although I'm sorry you have to be here :(

My name is Amber & I have been TTC#1 for 2 years now & have had 4 losses along the way.

Reading your story gave me such a heavy heart.
I'm so sorry for all of your losses & pain you have had to endure doing this hurtful process.

I hope you find some sort of "belonging" here, knowing we have all gone through similar situations & felt the same things.

I hope you find peace within yourself & your pain lessens with each day.

We are here for you! :)

jeanbean August 3rd, 2010 06:44 PM

Re: New Here.....
thank you for the warm words...they truly mean alot. I don't have any friends in real life who can relate to me. It has gotten much more difficult over the past few years as all of our friends have at least one child now. I am continuously asking myself "why us?". Some days I just feel like giving up.

Thanks again for understanding and listening.

ambee August 3rd, 2010 08:00 PM

Re: New Here.....
I think that's why we're all drawn to this board. Unfortunately (well I guess fortunately for everyone else) :/ there just aren't a lot of people out there who have experienced loss the the degree all of us on here have. I really hope it does bring you some comfort.

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