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MelChicago April 16th, 2013 12:49 PM

Why again?
Hey everyone,
I moved from here to the TTC after loss forum, mostly, trying to look forward. (I know some of the same ladies are here- hello.) I've conceived again, but it's already not looking good. I'm not exactly sure of the date of my lmp- it was somewhere between 3/9 and 3/13. I started with cramping and very faint on-and-off brown spotting on 3/9, which lasted a few days. I'm leaning toward 3/13, when the full bleed started, and lasted 5 days.

I had my betas on 4/10- 159. Again on 4/12- only 181. Again on 4/15- I don't remember exactly, since the nurse called and I knew it was bad- either 296 or 269. Even with the higher number, they didn't double in 5 days.

I have them drawn again on Thursday. At this point I'm assuming the worst.

This will be my third loss. First at 10w, second at 6w. I didn't track betas with either. The first showed normal growth, and a heartbeat at 6w3d, but then passed at 10w. The second was slow-growing to begin with, and never developed a heartbeat.

What is wrong with me? I've had so many tests and they've shown nothing. Chromosomes in both babies were normal. Why can't I carry a healthy baby? How can I live with the fact that this might not happen for me?

ZoeChloeMommy April 16th, 2013 07:50 PM

Forgive me, but I don't remember which tests you had done, did you have a full workup?

Also, my betas didn't look good when I was pregnant with my daughter and my progesterone was dropping as well. Which is when I was put on a supplement.

I will keep you and your bean in my thoughts & prayers.

MelChicago April 16th, 2013 08:46 PM

Re: Why again?
Thank you for the good thoughts and reply. Yes, I had a full RPL workup. No clotting disorders, lupus anti-coagulant, anti-phospholipid antibodies. Chromosomes from both babies were normal. I have been slightly hypothyroid for years, but have been on synthroid and my levels were just fine throughout. I do have a single MTHFR mutation- the A1293C- which does not generally increase blood clotting problems when it's just one mutation (as opposed to 2) but I've been taking low-dose aspirin anyway, ok'd by my doc.

My internet research is leading me in a new direction- I'm wondering about a ureaplasma infection. It's a bacteria that can cause recurrent mc. I don't know about the first loss, but with the second- and now this one- I believe/d I have some kind of vaginal infection. Sorry tmi- a strong ammonia smell to my discharge. I was treated for utis twice, just based on symptoms- though the uti cultures came back clear. Just last week I was screened for BV, and given antibiotics based on symptoms- and just yesterday got the final culture results and those were clear. Ureaplasma isn't tested by most BV scans- you have to do a special culture for it. This would explain all my vaginal symptoms, as well as the miscarriages. I'm going to call my doc first thing in the morning.

I may just be grasping at straws- but at this point, any road I can pursue is worth it.

plan4fate April 16th, 2013 09:36 PM

Re: Why again?
I'm so sorry Mel!!!

The only possible senario I could think of would be vanishing twin.. but even that's still a loss and sucks!!!!

Sunrise April 17th, 2013 11:31 AM

Re: Why again?
Pls follow up with what your doctor says regarding ureaplasma. They can run that test with a mycoplasma test. My RE does this standard on his RPL patients (and their partners). Its a swab (like a Pap) and both you and hubby would need antibiotics if it is positive. Good luck.

Happy Song April 26th, 2013 10:37 PM

Re: Why again?
I am so sorry, sorry Mel.

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