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Rachel March 26th, 2007 01:19 PM

Guidelines for Siggy Makers

General Guidelines

1. If you offer to make a siggy for someone, please try to let them know about how long it will be until it is finished. Most times people don’t seem to be in a particular hurry, but I’m sure they would appreciate having an idea of what to expect.
2. Please only post 1 time in the request thread. You can either post "I'm making you one" OR "one is in pick up for you", not both.
3. If you find that you are unable to fulfill a request (we all get busy), please reply to the request indicating that you can’t complete it so someone else can pick it up. *Please post in the lounge that you were unable to make siggy and if you can provide a link to the request to make it easier for the makers to find to fill the request*

FFA - Free For Alls
Every request on the main board are FFAs. FFAs are a chance for beginners and advanced siggy makers alike to show off their best work and get extra practice. Everyone is free to make a siggy for any request on the main board.

New members who have less than 50 posts should not request a siggy. If you see a request from a newbie, please kindly direct them to the Guidelines and let them know we will be happy to make one for them when they are eligible. Siggy requests made by JM members who have been at JM less than 30 days can be marked with a Justmommies Watermark or some other markings added to the siggy to designate that it is a Justmommies siggy.

Here is one you can use or you can make something of your own.


Filling Requests
Please try to fill siggy requests in the order they are posted. If you see a siggy and you have no idea what you want to do with it and there is another one that you have lots of ideas for, it is ok to take the other siggy, but please try not to ignore requests. Some siggy requestors will request siggies more frequently than once or twice a month. It is at your discretion whether you choose to make a siggy that is requested more frequently than this.

File Sizes
Please keep the file size of your siggies under 150K for non-animated siggies and under 250K for siggies with animation. Larger siggies take time to load and really slow down members on dial up. I've made some tutorials for optimizing with screen shots in the Siggy School.

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