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Meegan November 4th, 2008 12:06 PM

Hi ladies! My 2 1/2 year old, Christian, was just diagnosed with atopic dermatitis from a dermatologist. His pediatrician, whom we've seen twice in the past week, didn't even mention dermatitis. She actually had us treat the poor kid for lice and scabies, neither of which he had. It has been a horrific two weeks. He itches up a storm, scratching himself until he bleeds. It started on his scalp, then moved to the back of his neck and ears, and now around to his face. He also has isolated patches on his legs and arms. The ones on his face don't look like patches though, they are more like clusters of bumps that he has scratched and turned into scabs. I am not convinced it is dermatitis, but I'll do what they told me to do and see if any of it helps. Anyone have experience with this?

Boots November 4th, 2008 10:21 PM

Welcome to MY world with our precious 4 yr old. Poor girl rarely gets a break. She has had eczema since 2 months old. Since she was a baby she has shown signs of asthma (not yet diagnosed b/c of her age) but since she has been on FLOVENT for a yr now we have haven't had any wheezing episodes and she was diagnosed VIA RAST and SPT with MANY food allergies @ 2 yrs of age. She is ATOPIC all the way around.

Right now her skin is at it's worst. Once the allergist tried to treat her breakouts like a fungal problem and had her on Griseofulvin *sp?* for a month. Of course it was not fungal and antibiotics never help it when they think bacterial. The only thing that will heal her skin is Orapred (steroids) but we have finally quit using that route b/c we were on them so much that her face got all puffy!

At the moment we are using a Steroid cream for 3-4 days and then going to Protopic for "upkeep". It isn't working and we have dealt with skin issues pretty much her whole life! We have to travel 4 hours to see a Ped Derm that promises help and he can't see her until Dec!

She is scratching so much and making the spots bleed. we have not been lucky enough to find anyone to help us.

We use "free" detergents and eliminated all of her "allergic" foods. Cut her nails every other day and lather her up with lotion. Sorry to sound like a downer, but sometimes I feel like there is no help! Thankfully all the Drs say she will eventually outgrow it. Who knows, I seiously doubt it at this point!

Last year the back of her ears stayed raw. It was the worst thing I have ever seen! Thankfully we have yet to have that prob again. Usually I catch a spot on the back of her ear and put the steroid cream on it for a day or 2 and it's gone. Her scalp has been dry and flaky lately. Her hair actually seems to be thinning, but my hubby has thin hair so not sure if that is AD related.

AD didn't affect her face until she was 3. I know every child is different though.

You are not alone! Any questions, just ask. There are lots of experienced moms on here! Don't mean to worry you, just venting on your post! haha

Meegan November 5th, 2008 07:06 AM

Hey vent away! There is nothing worse than seeing your baby in discomfort. Christian seems to be doing a bit better today, after his bath last night with Baby Aveeno and Head and Shoulders shampoo. Then of course the lathering and lathering of cream. He is on the Orapred, day 3 right now. I hate when he is on it, he doesn't sleep well and he is starving it seems. He isn't nearly as bad as your baby girl, but enough that he loses sleep and bleeds from itching. I think his ears and scalp are the worst spots for him as far as itching, and the top of his back by his neck. But those are slowly getting better as long as I keep on top of it. But a question for you. Are all of her outbreaks very flaky and in patches? Or are some just isolated itchy bumps, like pimples? It seems that the ones on his left side of his face, by the cheek, they look more like a bunch of pimples, not flaky at all, just irritated and itchy.

mommablogger November 5th, 2008 08:19 AM

It sounds more like eczema to me. My 8mo has had it since June, and it has gone through various phases of good and bad. Right now he's getting bad again.

These are the suggestions by the dr., and I will follow with a few of my own suggestions of what seems to be working/not working.

We saw a derm specialist at the children's hospital near us, so I'm guessing most of the information is pretty good, as well as just flat out making sense. She suggested getting his meds in ointment form, because it lasts longer on the skin, as well as making a better barrier against drool and other irritants. She also said to stay away from lotion, and to do creams instead, using products that are free of fragrances and other things. She also said to use some mild baby soap, and to bathe him a lot more often (I used to do once a week or as needed, now I'm working towards 3-4 times or more a week) and to douse him in cream as soon as possible after the bath, leaving the skin damp if possible.

Meegan November 6th, 2008 07:41 AM

Thanks for the tips! I actually bathe the boys every night, due to our high humidity here in New Orleans. They've been bathing together for a while now, but now I'm giving Christian showers so he doesn't soak in the water. He hates the showers, poor thing. Do you bathe your baby in the tub, or just a quick rinse off? I really want him to be able to have that bonding time with his brother...

I am using Aveeno Baby Eczema creams, and they seem to be helping for now.

mommablogger November 6th, 2008 12:58 PM

I do speed bathing, which means I toss 'em in, soap 'em down, and rinse 'em off in about 5 minutes. I have 6 to get through the tub at a time, and I only have about 2 of them share a bath due to age/sex. I also can't keep my hands wet for very long or I have major issues with the skin on my hands, so we go pretty quickly. I've never been a big one for tub time bonding, but I never had siblings either so it wasn't something I did as a kid.

You could probably do a quick bathing and still be okay if he really hates the shower. None of my kids liked theirs until they were closer to 5 or 6, and even still it isn't usually their first choice. I just go quick in the tub.

I hope you're able to get somewhere. We're still struggling with Zach quite a bit. I will get him to the point where he is "almost" clear, and then he'll flare up really bad again. I had him in to the urgent care today, and the nurse and dr. were saying it looked infected again too. Ugh, it just never seems to go away! They keep telling me that it's supposed to go away by the time he's a year though, so I'm hopeful. I just hope it's not a food allergy that I haven't caught yet. Maybe I should ask about that....

It looks like my two youngest are practically the same ages as yours :) I have one that was born 6/2/06 and one that was born 2/29/08. They're such fun at these ages :D

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