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Carwen*Angel November 7th, 2012 09:41 AM

Qqotd 11/7

How do you keep your light shining in dark times?

TreeTog November 7th, 2012 01:30 PM

Re: Qqotd 11/7
I let myself have my dark moments as long as they don't control me. You have to embrace the dark to relish in the light.


MidnightMaiden November 7th, 2012 01:44 PM

Re: Qqotd 11/7
Oooohhh I like Leslie's answer!!

I try to remember a saying that my MIL has told me countless times... "This too shall pass", I actually want it as a tattoo, as a reminder that any dark times I encounter will pass... It won't last forever.

I also like the saying about how It's not about how you get through the rain, but learning to dance in it :inlove:

Kiam November 8th, 2012 12:03 AM

Re: Qqotd 11/7
I think looking to the future in a positive manner is helpful. Accepting that what is happening is happening, but remembering not to dwell in it because it won't last forever.

Carwen*Angel November 8th, 2012 06:32 AM

Re: Qqotd 11/7
I love your answers. I usually call on the angels to help me. "this too shall pass" and the serenity prayer also really help.

Sacred Silence November 8th, 2012 07:21 AM

Re: Qqotd 11/7
I am learning to let the darkness flow through me. Not to resist it. Not to embrace it. And, when I feel the darkness coming from an outside source, to turn inward and to find solace in the spark of the Divine that lives inside my heart. I find living in THIS moment and only THIS moment and to let go of the hurtful past or the nerve-wracking moments to follow.. I can be at peace.

Amaranth Dhanya November 8th, 2012 12:51 PM

Re: Qqotd 11/7
I usually realize its dark now but the light will always come even when it seems the darkest.

Carwen*Angel November 9th, 2012 06:16 AM

Re: Qqotd 11/7
Terri, I like the idea of letting it flow on through.

Sacred Silence November 9th, 2012 06:53 AM

Re: Qqotd 11/7
Sharron, makes it easier to process and let go. The minute you invest energy into resisting, you multiply the problem.. right?

Carwen*Angel November 9th, 2012 06:59 AM

Re: Qqotd 11/7
Right. What's the best approach to this? When something bad happens, instead of resisting/stressing, take time out in some way before reacting?

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