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Sacred Silence April 22nd, 2013 08:41 AM

It is all perspective.
A life lesson delivered in the form of a kidney stone:

It's been months of pain. I have resisted the pain and the cause for as long as possible. I sought treatment a few times and no diagnosis resulted. So, on it went. And, at this time, I was also mucking through a lot of my emotional baggae which resulted from the early days of my relationship with Brian.. LOL.. see my Dragon Fey reading for a summary... both processes have gone on for months, cleansing of old anger and resentment, physical pain which had no known cause. And, last week, both came to a pinnacle and pushed me to my very end. Something needed to give, to break. And, as much as I meditated, as much as I energetically worked to release it all, the very next moments after meditation, it was back. So, early last week, I stopped trying to release the pain. I stopped trying to be finished with my anger and decided to just sit with it. To allow myself to experience it all from a different place because I am totally different than I was a decade ago when I met and chose my DH.

I found the Observer in this process which allowed me to see the human suffering from a place of peace. I basically SURRENDERED myself to the whole experience and the idea that it was in perfection. It was meant to teach me something profound. And, as soon as that became absolutely true, the physical pain escalated, prompting me to go back for another test to see if we could find the source. And, there in all it's glory, was a very large kidney stone. Interestingly enough, problems with anger and rejection have been said to be linked with kidney problems (physcial manifestation of emotional pain). So, it all works together for me to really drive home the importance of forgiveness. Of really acknowledging my emotions, feeling them and releaseing them when guided to do so instead of rejecting them with judgment. It is all in perfection and leading me to be absolutely authentic. All in all, I must say, Spirit rocks as a teacher. <3

Carwen*Angel April 23rd, 2013 10:42 AM

Re: It is all perspective.
:dothug: I'm glad you've learned from the experience and thanks for sharing it with us! I hope you heal well soon!

Earthy.Mama April 23rd, 2013 12:11 PM

Re: It is all perspective.
This is one of the most peaceful experiences I have ever had, truly amazing and spiritual on every level. I love how we have both experienced this at the same time ♥

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