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MidnightMaiden May 11th, 2013 08:20 PM

Oh ladies.

My cousin just went into labor at 32 weeks :(

Could I get some love, light, healing and positive vibes to her and baby pretty please? This is her first and it's the day before Mother's Day and it's breaking my heart.

Thank you so so much ladies!!

Carwen*Angel May 12th, 2013 01:36 AM

Re: Favor
I'm probably too late really but sending thoughts and prayers now. KUP!

fromGirltoMommy May 12th, 2013 08:17 AM

Re: Favor
Prayers to her! Keep us updated

Mountain~Mama May 12th, 2013 08:50 AM

Re: Favor
Sending prayers for your cousin and baby. :heart:

TreeTog May 12th, 2013 04:30 PM

Re: Favor
Positive thoughts!

Update, please!


MidnightMaiden May 12th, 2013 06:04 PM

Re: Favor
Thank you so, so much ladies. You have no idea how much I appreciate this.

Baby was born, she is breathing on her own and is doing well from what I have been told. I don't know the weight of the baby or any other information :( I'm worried, but from what I can tell things are going well. I would still appreciate the vibes until I know baby is going home, and I promise to keep you updated.
Thank you so much ladies! I appreciate this so much!! :wub:

fromGirltoMommy May 13th, 2013 06:26 AM

Re: Favor
I'm so glad to hear baby is breathing on her own!! Prayers still coming to baby and mom, I hope all goes well and she is home before they know it!! Congrats to your cousin! :wub:

Sacred Silence May 13th, 2013 07:14 AM

Re: Favor
Most early births at that late gestation ( as opposed to 23-26 weeks) have wonderful outcomes. Be at peace. All is well. xo

MidnightMaiden May 13th, 2013 04:33 PM

Re: Favor
Thank you Terri! :)

I got word from my Aunt (my cousin's mom) that the baby is 4lbs. Which is pretty good! Back in the day, a 4/5 pound baby was considered normal :lol: Funny how times have changed.

I don't have much information other than that, since they don't seem to be sharing much, but I know that the baby is still doing well, no incubator needed either!

Thank you so much ladies, you're all amazing :wub:

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