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Carwen*Angel August 29th, 2013 12:50 PM

Drum Roll Please - It's The Member Awards!!!!!
Here are your first winners!

I have to say, the voting did distribute the awards fairly evenly, with some ties and there was the odd occasion I had to go to 2nd place to balance it out, but it all worked out brilliantly and I think (I hope) everyone has won 2 awards.

Dana (kolbysmom) worked hard on the blinkies and I think the colours are really fitting to summer memories or early fall siggies so hopefully you'll all be pleased with them!

To snag your winner blinkies, right click and save as. Then, upload them into your Photobucket or similar and use the IMG codes to paste them in your siggy. If you have any problems let me know.

So first off, well done to the following award winners...

1. Our WISE WOMEN, yes women because we have a tie - the members you chose as having excellent spiritual knowledge and insight and people you look up to as wise are...

LESLIE (LDRW) and TIFF (lhug_nar)! Well done ladies! :cheer: :cheer:
I must say I well and truly agree! Here is your blinkie!

2. Our TRUE BELIEVER, voted as such for having strong beliefs, spirituality and integrity is...

KIRA (Kiam)! Well done! :yellowcheer:
I may not have known you long Kira, but I do think this is fitting! Here's your blinkie!

3. Our STRONG SPIRIT, who you chose for being a brave person who can face any challenge and stay strong...someone who is an example to us all, is...

ASHLEIGH (Shades of Grey)! Well done! :greencheer:
And so true with all you have been through with dear Truett sweetie. You are supermom. Here's your blinkie!

4. Our SUNNY SOUL, who you decided could always put a positive spin on things, seems a glass half full sort of person and brings upbeat energy to the board is...

CATLIN (Modern Goddess)! Well done! :bluecheer:
You certainly have been a wave of fresh air and fresh enthusiasm on our board and this award is well deserved. Here's your blinkie!

And finally for this instalment (these are fiddly and take a while to do!)

5. Our STAR SISTER, who is a valued and trusted friend and always there for everyone is...

CARRIE (*PurpleMidnight*)! Well done hon! :cheer:
Having known you for a number of years this is of course 100% true my love! Here's your blinkie!


Carwen*Angel August 29th, 2013 01:24 PM

Re: Drum Roll Please - It's The Member Awards!!!!!
Since no-one's in the other thread right now I will do instalment 2!

6. Our SPARKLY STAR, who you have decided has a personality that shines like a star, is...

TERRI (Sacred Silence)! Well done honey! :cheer:
It's quite fitting because you do spread light wherever you go! Here's your blinkie!

7. Our MIRACLE MOM, the lady you have voted as our walking miracle, for whatever reason, is...

HILLARIE (Ekani*Dhanya*Ruhi)! Well done sweetheart. :yellowcheer:
I have to say when I came up with the title I actually had you in mind. You really are a miracle. You walk in grace, love and light no matter what life throws at you and your spiritual understanding of life and death is awe-inspiring. Not only are you one strong lady...I think to a lot of us here you are a bit of a heroine! Love you hon! Here's your blinkie!

8. Our INNER GRACES, who have been voted as such for being a gracious and loving person no matter what life throws at them are...

LESLIE (LDRW) and NIKKI (fromGirltoMommy)! :greencheer: :greencheer:
This is so true, you have both had rocky roads in different ways and yet are still spreading your light and sharing your knowledge - and generally rockin' life. Here's your blinkie!

9. Our MAGICK MOM, voted as such for going after their dreams and making them happen, is...

TASHA (MidnightMaiden)! Well done babe! :bluecheer:

This is certainly true of you! Go girl! Here's your blinkie!

10. Our NATURE LOVERS, who you have decided looks after and enjoys nature from the elements, seasons, plants and minerals to the animals and their fellow humans, are...

KIRA (Kiam) and BELLA (Bella Nyxe) tied! Well done ladies! :cheer: :cheer:
You are both such gentle seeming souls and so this seems really fitting too. Here's your blinkie!

And finally on this round...

11. Our HEALING HANDS, who you feel have natural healing ability, exuding peace and healing wherever they go are...

TERRI (Sacred Silence) and CARRIE (*PurpleMidnight*) tied! Well done both! :yellowcheer: :yellowcheer:
So very true, Terri you always have healing words, affirmations and suggestions and Carrie, you do spread peace and light wherever you go. Here's your blinkie!

TreeTog August 29th, 2013 02:03 PM

Re: Drum Roll Please - It's The Member Awards!!!!!
I am very shocked at the awards I won. Thank You!


Carwen*Angel August 29th, 2013 02:07 PM

Re: Drum Roll Please - It's The Member Awards!!!!!
Next lot!

12. Our GOLDEN HEART, someone we feel is caring, sharing and generous, is...

MELISSA (Mitra Shonu)! Well done! :cheer:

I truly feel you have the goldest of golden hearts and 100% deserve this award honey! Here's your blinkie!

13. Our GIFTED GEM, whose spiritual gifts we collectively admire, is...

ASHLEIGH (Shades of Grey)! Well done hon! :yellowcheer:
I think you are blessed with many gifts and have such a journey ahead of you. We certainly are grateful that you share your inspiration, your calm and peaceful soul, your intuition, your spiritual strength and your creativity here with us by being our host at Spiritual Living. :) Here's your blinkie!

14. Our GOLD GODDESS, who has been voted as such for truly channelling and rocking their inner goddess and feminine power is...

MELISSA (Mitra Shonu) again! Well done sweet! :greencheer:
You really are a goddess, your beauty and strength shine through! Here's your blinkie!

15. Our GUIDING LIGHT...someone who is a valued guru, teacher and advice-giver is...

ME (SHARRON - Lady Valkyrie)! :bluecheer:
Obviously as one of the hosts here I think I deserve this title, as do quite a few more of you here. ;) I do try to be helpful whatever your question might be!

16. Our FURRY FRIEND, someone who is an advocate for animals and cares about conservation, is...

TASHA (MidnightMaiden)! :cheer:
This is certainly true after your love and care for your pretty kitty. :) Bless you hon. Here's your blinkie!

17. Our FREE SPIRITS, who march to their own beat, sing from their own hymn sheets and all that good stuff, are...

TIFF (lhug_nar) and CATLIN (Modern Goddess)! :yellowcheer: :yellowcheer:
True of both and in different ways, neither of you are shy to state your spiritual beliefs, opinions, advice and questions, and when you both contribute we always know it's going to be something good. Here's your blinkie!

Back with the last one shortly!


Originally Posted by LDRW (Post 27620014)
I am very shocked at the awards I won. Thank You!


I think it worked out well because a lot of people here could have won a lot of the awards deservingly. ;)

The voting was very divided, and ended up very fair with a lot of close-run ones and a lot of ties. :) I'm pleased with the way it came out with it being possible for everyone to win two. I think everyone here utterly rocks and deserves to be recognised for some of the wonderful things about them personally and spiritually. I love you ladies, and I don't say that lightly. :wub:

Amaranth Dhanya August 29th, 2013 02:14 PM

Re: Drum Roll Please - It's The Member Awards!!!!!
Thank you ladies!

Carwen*Angel August 29th, 2013 02:17 PM

Re: Drum Roll Please - It's The Member Awards!!!!!
I think you have one more to come yet Hill!

Carwen*Angel August 29th, 2013 02:31 PM

Re: Drum Roll Please - It's The Member Awards!!!!!
OK I'm going to go for the last lot...

18. Our FAIREST FAE, who you have voted as being a natural beauty both inside and out is...

BELLA (Bella Nyxe)! Well done! :cheer:
You have such a beautiful, light and fae-like energy I'm not surprised at all that you won this award hon. Here's your blinkie!

19. And on a similar theme, our BRIGHT BEAUTIES, voted as beautiful people inside and out are...

ANGI (stucklikeglue) and me (SHARRON - Lady Valkyrie)! :yellowcheer: :yellowcheer:
Now Angi, I have seen pix on FB and she certainly is a beauty...I am stunned and touched to tie with her on this because my self-image has not always been the best...so thank you ladies. :) :) :) Here's the blinkie Angi!

20. Our FIERY FLAME, who you have voted as one of our most passionate members who dreams big and goes after their goals is...

NIKKI (fromGirltoMommy)! Well done sweet! :greencheer:
I wholeheartedly agree, I think our Nikki is fiery in more ways than one (all good) and has always kept the flame of hope burning no matter what. Here's your blinkie hon!

21. Our EARTH MOTHER, who you have voted as an inspirational crunchy or eco mom and lady, is...

ANGI (stucklikeglue) again! Well done hon! :bluecheer:
I do think you balance being a mom and getting out there and doing your thing so very well and are still so attentive, close and loving with your kids and perhaps this is why you were voted as being inspirationally crunchy. ;) Here's your blinkie!

And finally, last but certainly not least...

22. Our EARTH ANGEL - someone we quite simply feel has angelic qualities - is...

HILLARIE (Ekani*Dhanya*Ruhi)! Well done! :cheer:
I remember the vote being pretty unanimous and I'm not surprised! You do the angels' work here on earth, not least with your family, you truly do. :wub:

Let's have some cheers and celebrations for all these wonderful women I am proud to say I know! You all rock!!!

Mitra Shonu August 29th, 2013 03:43 PM

Re: Drum Roll Please - It's The Member Awards!!!!!
Love ♥ Thank you to all our Ladies, and Congratulations as well...You ALL ROCK, and are amazing inspirations...XOXOXO

stucklikeglue August 29th, 2013 09:51 PM

Re: Drum Roll Please - It's The Member Awards!!!!!
awww Sharron you are soooooo sweet! and thanks ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! love you all even though I have been only popping in here and there!

fromGirltoMommy August 30th, 2013 04:50 AM

Re: Drum Roll Please - It's The Member Awards!!!!!
It might be the hormones but I'm crying like a little baby! Thank you so much girls, yesterday was such a rough day not even because of anything specific, I am just under so much stress the closer I get to little babes due date and I needed to come to this today. Thank you for what you think of me :wub: :wub: :wub: I love you all so much, I'm sorry I have been so absent.

*PurpleMidnight* August 30th, 2013 05:27 AM

Re: Drum Roll Please - It's The Member Awards!!!!!
congrats to everyone!!

Sacred Silence August 30th, 2013 08:00 AM

Re: Drum Roll Please - It's The Member Awards!!!!!
Oh how lovely!

I stink with blinkies.. help?

stucklikeglue August 30th, 2013 09:06 AM

Re: Drum Roll Please - It's The Member Awards!!!!!
right click and save, post to photobucket and then upload onto jm from there I believe

Carwen*Angel August 30th, 2013 09:24 AM

Re: Drum Roll Please - It's The Member Awards!!!!!

Right click your blinkie and click save. Save as can work well because then you can choose the destination folder and it's easier to find later.

Then you have to upload it to your Photobucket.

Then paste the IMG codes in your siggy editor (look for edit signature on left hand side when you go in your User CP).

If it doesn't show when you come back to the board, chances are you've got too much in your siggy.

Shades of Grey August 30th, 2013 09:37 AM

Re: Drum Roll Please - It's The Member Awards!!!!!
Wow, thank you. Im so touched and brought me to tears! I so appreciate such sweet sentiment!! Thank you!

And congrats to all the winners!

fromGirltoMommy August 30th, 2013 03:08 PM

Re: Drum Roll Please - It's The Member Awards!!!!!
:hug: I just love you all so much!

BriarRose August 30th, 2013 08:14 PM

Re: Drum Roll Please - It's The Member Awards!!!!!
Thank you so much for my awards <3 This really lifted my spirits after a rough couple of days.

Carwen*Angel August 31st, 2013 03:04 AM

Re: Drum Roll Please - It's The Member Awards!!!!!
I'm glad they are touching your hearts and giving you a lift ladies!!

We should really do them every year, with different awards.

fromGirltoMommy August 31st, 2013 06:14 AM

Re: Drum Roll Please - It's The Member Awards!!!!!
I tried adding mine and updating my siggy but photobucket wont let me c&p the img :cry:

Shades of Grey August 31st, 2013 09:49 PM

Re: Drum Roll Please - It's The Member Awards!!!!!
Nikki, would it work if I saved them and you took the code from there? I'll promise not to move it ;)

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