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Carwen*Angel October 13th, 2013 08:57 AM

Secret Santa Sign-Up, Rules and Information!
Please sign up HERE if you would like to take part in our group Secret Santa this year. Read the info and rules in full. Then PM me the questionnaire below.


You will be assigned another lady to buy for and receive her questionnaire with her preferences.

When you fill out your questionnaire, you can choose a 15 / $15 budget or a 10 / $10 budget. If you are open to either, please say so. That is always helpful for matching people up.

If you also take part in the ornament exchange, as far as possible I will have people sending to the same person for both. This may not be possible in every single instance, however, if some people only sign up for one or the other.

If you do take part in both and are picking the lower budget for Secret Santa please also pick the lower budget for ornaments and if you are picking the higher budget for Secret Santa please also pick the higher budget for ornaments. It will make the matching up easier.

As far as possible I will match ladies to other ladies in the same country. However this will not be possible for every single person or the few of us who are non-US would not be able to take part. You will be asked in your questionnaire whether you mind international shipping or not which gives you opportunity to decline if you genuinely can't afford it.

If for any reason you do not receive your gift, I will ask for as many ladies as possible to club together in order to purchase one as close to the original budget as possible. This will be voluntary and nobody will be forced to "put in" to make up for unavoidable postal loss or other people's inconsideration, and I know not everyone would be able to afford it - however I do hope at least some of you would be happy to "put in" with me as I am not exactly rolling in it myself! ;)

There will be a thank you thread on the board from mid-November. Please post a quick acknowledgement in the thank you thread AS SOON AS you can once your parcel is received so your sender knows it has arrived safely. It would be nice to see people coming back with a more detailed post once opened to share what they have received.


You need to sign up by Friday 25th October.

You will receive the details of the person you're sending to by Friday 1st November.

You need to post your Secret Santa gift by the end of Monday 2nd December.


1. You must be a reasonably regular and active member of the board to join in. This is at hosts' discretion but generally speaking if you have been here at least 3 months and have been posting recently that will do it. If in doubt PM myself or Ashleigh (Shades of Grey) to check.
2. If for any reason you need to pull out of the Secret Santa after signing up, you need to do so by Friday 8th November to give us time to re-match people. We do of course understand that sometimes things come up, but it is not fair to your recipient to not send and not let anyone know, nor is it fair to do it last-minute when nothing can be done. Please PM me as soon as possible if this happens.

3. If for any reason you do not send your recipient a gift, you will not be able to participate in the next exchange on the board.

4. Keep proof of postage in case anything is delayed or goes missing in the mail. I do not recommend tracking services as these are now prohibitively expensive. A scanned or photographed post office receipt with date and recipient's postal/area code is fine, or a forwarded email from a webshop. I will request this if and when needed. Once your recipient has received their gift, you can dispose of your proof of postage.

5. You may purchase your gift and post it manually yourself, OR purchase it and have it sent to your recipient direct from a website (most websites are happy to do this and it often works out cheaper if you're sending internationally), OR send an e-voucher or e-certificate by email, OR a mixture.

6. If your recipient states in their questionnaire they do not wish to open their present until Christmas Day, please EITHER gift wrap it before sending in an outer box / jiffy bag / parcel, OR write on the parcel "do not open until Christmas Day", OR give me a heads-up to tell your recipient where their present is coming from and not to open the package until Christmas Day.

7. If your recipient states in their questionnaire that they are open to a home-made gift or a bought gift, you may choose either/or or a bit of both. In these cases the value of the home-made gift MUST still match up with the budget (eg cost of materials plus something for your time). If your recipient states in their questionnaire that they would prefer NOT to have a home-made gift, you MUST instead choose a bought gift.

8. The gift you send MUST match the budget as closely as possible. It is not fair, for example, to send a 10 / $10 present only if you are working to a 15 / $15 budget. There are always bits and bobs you can get and put in with the main present if the main present is less than the budget. 1 / $1 less is acceptable. It is entirely up to you if you exceed your budget at all, but you must do so with the understanding that the person sending to you may not.

9. The budget is for the GIFT ONLY and does not include postage.

If you are sending internationally, check customs regulations for that country before sending foods or liquids.



Full name for postage:

Full postal address inc country:

Email address (in case of e-vouchers etc):

Choice of budget $10 or $15 or open:

If you absolutely can't mail internationally say so here:

Will you be keeping your gift to open on Christmas Day:

Are you open to a home-made gift or not:

Hints for anything you'd like:

Any absolute no-nos you do not want to receive:

Shades of Grey October 13th, 2013 09:49 AM

Re: Secret Santa Sign-Up, Rules and Information!

Carwen*Angel October 15th, 2013 12:02 PM

Re: Secret Santa Sign-Up, Rules and Information!
I am in obviously.

*PurpleMidnight* October 17th, 2013 10:33 PM

Re: Secret Santa Sign-Up, Rules and Information!
in - pm'ing yo now :)

Sacred Silence October 18th, 2013 07:02 AM

Re: Secret Santa Sign-Up, Rules and Information!

Carwen*Angel October 20th, 2013 02:53 AM

Re: Secret Santa Sign-Up, Rules and Information!
You have a week left to sign up ladies. We have a nice little group of 5 up to now. :)

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