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Amaranth Dhanya December 1st, 2013 08:03 AM

*~~December Chat Thread~~*
Welcome to Decemburrrrrrrr ladies!!

Last month of 2013. A month some reflect on the years happenings and plan goals for the coming months.

What's on your list for the month aside from holiday shopping/decorating?

Earthy.Mama December 2nd, 2013 06:44 AM

Re: *~~December Chat Thread~~*
Moving into this cabin!!! We thought we could be in it yesterday, but it looks like today. I'm so excited to get things set up and see how "homey" I can make it look!!! lol

Sacred Silence December 2nd, 2013 07:16 AM

Re: *~~December Chat Thread~~*
Good morning and Happy December!

Good luck getting into the cabin today, Jackie!

This month, I'm starting a yoga class. We shall see how that goes.

Bella Nyxe December 2nd, 2013 09:36 PM

Re: *~~December Chat Thread~~*
NEW MOON! new month!

Happy newness! :giggle:

Boys and I are crafting all month. We are trying to make gifts for people this year instead of buying a whole lot.

in need of detoxing so I may be a bit on the grumpy side when that starts. hope not though.

Amaranth Dhanya December 3rd, 2013 04:58 AM

Re: *~~December Chat Thread~~*
Crafting sounds fun! Must share pics.

So, some of you may remember me irritated about my buddy taking forever to do the blankets out of Dan's clothes.
I forgot to tell you she sent pics(in black and white cuz she wanted to keep some a surprise lol. I think she forgot I've seen the clothes and know their colors well lol).

Any who, they are looking good and should be done this month. She said she was going slower cuz it was really getting to her emotionally, more than she thought it would and she wasn't gonna do anything to mess them up.

Now I don't necessarily believe all that but at least they are getting done and not still in a box or anything.

Today is errand running, bathroom cleaning, Connor to the counselor, and that Hospice gathering if the sitter shows up as planned.

ETA...I just fell backwards into the shower/tub. I suggest never doing that lol.
My day already needs a do over.

Carwen*Angel December 4th, 2013 09:48 AM

Re: *~~December Chat Thread~~*
Taking more time for myself. :)

Amaranth Dhanya December 5th, 2013 12:11 PM

Re: *~~December Chat Thread~~*
Hi....how are we doing??

Everyone prepping for holidays? It's awfully quiet.

Got my tree and got it up and decorated. I have a box of ornaments still unaccounted for but should be here in another day or two then I'll complete the tree.

Pooped. It's very cold!! Like low teens down to single digits. Brrrrrrrr...how's where you are?

Bella Nyxe December 5th, 2013 07:09 PM

Re: *~~December Chat Thread~~*
dh is coming home kinda. he has to work while home but will be here tomorrow until maybe Wednesday. wont see him a whole lot cause everyone has work/school but its better then not seeing him, I guess. maybe we will just see how it goes.

started the scarf im making for a xmas present but it still has a lot to go. im hoping to finish it and start on the second one by the end of this weekend.

Jackie! how is the moving going???? do you have pics of newly built cabin?

Amaranth Dhanya December 9th, 2013 12:34 PM

Re: *~~December Chat Thread~~*
Hello hello! Another new week upon us.
Quiet this time of year.

Hope you're all staying safe, sane, and warm.

Like my new siggy?? :)

Earthy.Mama December 9th, 2013 09:13 PM

Re: *~~December Chat Thread~~*
Love your new siggie Hill, it's so cute!!!!

Still just busy getting the cabin liveable and dealing with the cold. Blah..

Amaranth Dhanya December 10th, 2013 10:33 AM

Re: *~~December Chat Thread~~*
It's looking good from the pics I've seen Jackie.

What's everyone up to today?
Took Connor to counseling then got a call from about saying he was really sick. So I have him now. He'll see the doctor at noon. Said his ear hurt so I'll have it looked at.

Earthy.Mama December 10th, 2013 11:34 AM

Re: *~~December Chat Thread~~*
Today I'm going to try and get the girls outside for a bit. I hate the cold though :( LOL!

Hope his ear gets better!

Amaranth Dhanya December 10th, 2013 01:10 PM

Re: *~~December Chat Thread~~*
It's strep...booooo.

TreeTog December 10th, 2013 05:51 PM

Re: *~~December Chat Thread~~*
I like the new siggy. I have been busy with the boys and the days have flown by.


Amaranth Dhanya December 12th, 2013 07:30 AM

Re: *~~December Chat Thread~~*
Today dad turns 80.
Laundry and grocery shop.

Sacred Silence December 12th, 2013 10:26 AM

Re: *~~December Chat Thread~~*
Happy Birthday to your Dad! Hope the grocery shopping goes well.. love the new siggy.

Hill.. how are the boys feeling?

How is everyone else?

Amaranth Dhanya December 12th, 2013 10:43 AM

Re: *~~December Chat Thread~~*
Boys are ok. Avs got strep but he's not contagious so he's at school.
Connors been relatively decent this week. We had a nice mother/son outing last night. He's itching for an alarm clock so he's been nice lol. Told him and counselor it's not gonna happen asap cuz he's gotta earn back my trust.

Waiting on CPS to come back with how she's gonna help my family. Blah, she can help by closing my file and leaving us be.

Ready for Christmas though.

Sacred Silence December 12th, 2013 12:09 PM

Re: *~~December Chat Thread~~*
They will close the file.. CPS is too overloaded to be much help. HUGS.

Amaranth Dhanya December 12th, 2013 12:36 PM

Re: *~~December Chat Thread~~*

How are you doing?

Sacred Silence December 13th, 2013 08:40 AM

Re: *~~December Chat Thread~~*
Me? I'm good! Going Christmas shopping tomorrow. I'm a kamikaze shopper.. I do it all in one day really.. for Brian, the kids, my nieces, etc. all in ONE.DAY. LOL.. I will be out tomorrow in a snowstorm buying the kids clothes and toys. :D

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