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*Kiliki* May 30th, 2012 07:44 AM

Happy Happy....

Alaina, 4th (Kristen's, luvtobemommy dd)
Tyler, 5th (Van's, acupojoe dd)
Amanda, 7th (youngwoman)
Jess, 8th (MammaHutch)
Devinn, 14th (Hillarie's, Lady Lotus ds)
Kristy, 20th (krislati)
Carol, 25th (lil duckies mama)
Hector, 28th (LeAnn's, Fluffy Baby dh)

Kevin, 4th (Sara's, birdblue dh)
Gavin, 16th (LeAnn's, Fluffy Baby ds)
Jess Anniversary, 16th (MamaHutch)
Kayley, 16th (Trisha's, Buggymom dd)
Heather, 18th (MomRigamarole)
Bryan, 18th (Carol's, lil duckies mama dh)
Greyson, 21st (Kara's, Somochickenlady ds)
Aurora, 24th (Heather's, -Bailey- dd)
Audrey, 28th (Samantha's, stresswife dd)

Vannessa Anniversary, 1st (acupofjoe)
Beauden, 3rd (Rachael's, Lovemykiddos! ds)
Gerame', 3rd (Kara's Somochickenlady, dh)
Marc, 8th (Anne's, FallinWoman dh)
Alexis, 10th (Erika's, MidgeMadge dd)
Taryn, 14th (Kristen's, luv2bemommy dd)
Justin, 16th (Samantha's, stresswife dh)
Heather's Anniversary, 17th (-Bailey-)
Shaun, 18th (Rachael's Lovemykiddos! dh)
Vannessa, 22nd (acupofjoe)
Atticus, 22nd (Carol's, lil duckies mama ds)
Connor, 30th (Hillarie's, Lady Lotus ds)

Leah, 10th (Amanda's, youngwoman dd)
Asher, 12th (Kristen's, luv2bemommy ds)
Avery, 28th (Heather's, MomRigamarole ds)

Richard, 4th (Lindsay's, LindsayMom09 dh)
Heather, 6th (-Bailey-)
LeAnn's Anniversary, 13th (Fluffy Baby)
Karl, 15th (Kristy's, *Kiliki* dh)
Kristy's Anniversary, 19th (krislati)
Trisha's Anniversary, 22nd (buggymom)
Kristen, 23rd (luv2bemommy)
Robyn, 27th (TheOnlyPink)
Rachael's Anniversary, 30th (Lovemykiddos!)
Sharron, 30th (Lady Valkyrie)

Avery, 1st (Hillarie's, Lady Lotus ds)
Amanda's Anniversary, 7th (youngwoman)
Kristen's Anniversary, 15th (luv2bemommy)
Kristy's Anniversary, 16th(*Kiliki*)
Serenity, 16th (Rachael's, Lovemykiddos! dd)
Morgan, 16th (Vannessa's, acupofjoe dh)
Raleigh, 25th (Vannessa's, acupofjoe dd)
Dave, 26th (Jess's, MammaHutch dh)

Frankie, 3rd (Kristy's, *Kiliki* sdd)
Jimmy, 4th (Kristen's, luv2bemommy dh)
Kristy, 7th (*Kiliki*)
Scott, 11th (Maria's, ComfortablyMum so)

Chris, 11th (Erika's, MidgeMadge dh)
Maria's Anniversary, 14th(ComfortablyMum)
CJ, 15th (Heather's, MomRigamarole ds)
Helena, 20th (Kristy's, *Kiliki* dd)
Kara, 22nd (Kara's Somochickenlady anniversary)
Alyssa, 24th (LeAnn's, Fluffy Baby dd)
Erika's Anniversary, 27th (MidgeMadge)

Erika, 1st (MidgeMadge)
Tom, 4th (Kristy's, krislati dh)
Anne's Anniversary, 6th (FallinWoman)
Jake, 7th (Robyn's, TheOnlyPink ds)
Lew, 12th (Anne's FallinWoman ds)
Tommy, 17th (Kristy's, krislati ds)
Sam, 19th (Sara's, birdblue ds)
Daniel, 22nd (Sharron's, Lady Valkyrie ds)
Michaela, 23rd (Sharron's, Lady Valkyrie dd)
Cassie, 30th (mom2xander)

Stephanie, 2nd (Carol's, lil duckies mama dd)
Cassandra, 6th (LoveMySonshine)
Maria, 9th (ComfortablyMum)
Shaun, 12th (Sharron's, Lady Valkyrie dp)
Samantha's Anniversary, 17th (stresswife)
Hillarie's Anniversary, 20th (Lady Lotus)
Samantha, 20th (stresswife)
LeAnn, 22nd (Fluffy Baby)
Todd, 27th (Heather's, MomRigamarole dh)
Dan, 29th (Hillarie's, Lady Lotus dh)

Jackson, 2nd(Cassandra's, LoveMySonshine ds)
Jarrett, 2nd (Rachael's, Lovemykiddos! ds)
Wyatt, 6th (Cassie's, mom2xander ds)
Sara's Anniversary, 6th (Sara, birdblue)
Lily, 10th (Kristy's, krislati dd)
Carol's Anniversary, 13th (lil duckies mama)
Dominic, 19th stillborn (LeAnn's, Fluffy Baby ds)
Lindsay's Anniversary, 19th (LindsayMom09)
James, 20th (Maria's, -Bailey- so)
Heather's Anniversary, 21st (MomRigamarole)
Anne, 27th (FallinWoman)
Dan, 31st (Amanda's, youngwoman dh)

Tristan, 1st (LeAnn's, Fluffy Baby ds)
Tristan, 11th (Vannessa's, acupofjoe ds)
Hillarie, 14th(Lady Lotus)
Chuck, 14th (Anne's, FallinWoman ds)
Lindsay, 16th (LindsayMom09)
Robyn's Anniversary, 20th(TheOnlyPink)
Harvey, 27th (Lindsay's, LindsayMom09 ds)

Elyse, 3rd (Kristy's, *Kiliki* dd)
Rachael, 5th (Lovemykiddos!)
Drake, 5th (Jess's, MammaHutch ds)
Raianna, 7th (Kristy's, *Kiliki* dd)
Harry, 8th(Robyn's, TheOnlyPink ds)
Sophia, 12th (Cassie's, Cassie.S dd)
Kara, 13th (Kara, Somochickenlady)
Miabelle, 15th (Carol's, lil duckies mama dd)
Xander, 20th (Cassie's, mom2xander ds)
Trisha, 22nd (Buggymom)
Eric, 27th (Trisha's, Buggymom dh)
Eve, 30th (Maria's, ComfortablyMum dd)

:innocent:In Loving Memory:innocent:
Jennifer-Conners Mommie +2

Carwen*Angel September 19th, 2012 06:36 AM

Re: Happy Happy....
Can I add ours?

Sharron (me) - May 30
Daniel (DS) - Aug 22
Michaela (DD) - Aug 23 (yeah really ;))
Shaun (DP) - Sep 12

somo_chickenlady October 24th, 2012 07:43 PM

Re: Happy Happy....
Can I add ours also?

Anniversary - July 22
Gerame' - March 3
Me - December 13
Greyson - January 21

CassCramer October 25th, 2012 07:06 AM

Re: Happy Happy....
Changed baby name to Wyatt, was born October 6th

birdblue November 1st, 2012 11:31 AM

Re: Happy Happy....

Our Anniversary: Oct 6th :heart:
Kevin's Birthday(dh): Feb 4th ;)
Sam's Birthday(ds): Aug 19th :party:
My Birthday: May 24th :mellow:

*Kiliki* November 16th, 2012 05:21 AM

Re: Happy Happy....
got everything added and updated

Cassie.S January 1st, 2013 12:29 PM

Re: Happy Happy....
Here's mine:

4/9 - Andrew's (DH) birthday
6/10 - My birthday
7/11 - Our anniversary
12/12 - Sophia's (DD) birthday

2pinks&ablue January 11th, 2013 03:26 PM

Re: Happy Happy....
Chantelle: Nov. 27th
DH: Dec. 24th
Alyssa: Sept. 4th
Rylan: Jan. 27th
Sophia: July 1st
Hannah: Sept. 7th


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