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Starry_BlessedX3 September 1st, 2010 05:33 PM

a vent from starry (x posted)
I occasionally I will receive something in the mail that would happen to deal what stage of development Charlie would be at. It was this reason for the first 4 months either dh or ds would get the mail. So I didn't have to see it or be reminded. I have gotten back to the business of fetching the mail again the last couple of months nothings really bothered me or gotten to me. Until today. I get over there which is a 15 min walk one way not that it matters . There's one thing in the box . A red flyer the says the chase is on. I open it up and it huggies coupons talking about how your 6 months old is developing. I guess they also didn't get the memo. I do want to say that I am down to 1 large shoe box full of brand new newborn 0-3 clothes left

My sis is due any day now with her 4 and last baby a girl I've sent her all the gender netural and bought way to many things but I've gotten rid of every single thing baby related except for Charlies memory box and shadow box. And what was gonna be his crib and that box of clothes. I guess this was just a vent I guess

MeganMomof5 September 1st, 2010 10:04 PM

Re: a vent from starry (x posted)
I'm really sorry :( I too get baby things in the mail almost daily...A few days ago I got a box of formula...It really is depressing (((Hugs)))

HopefulMommy81 September 1st, 2010 10:06 PM

Re: a vent from starry (x posted)
I think we can all relate....:dothug:

Brittanie September 2nd, 2010 05:18 AM

Re: a vent from starry (x posted)
I got something in the mail from enfamil every month on Cora's month day. I don't know how they timed it like that. The first one I got on June 2 and was titled "cuddling your one month old." I called the number on them EVERY month for SIX MONTHS and it wasn't until I broke down in tears and yelled at the guy the sixth month that they finally stopped.

I'm sorry that you're still getting stuff. That's the reason I never signed up for anything with Erin and Patrick.


rebeccabaltimore and more September 5th, 2010 08:32 AM

Re: a vent from starry (x posted)
I had that problem too. I had investigated ViaCord when I was pregnant for Ethan, and they called me maybe a few months after Ethan was born. The woman wasn't listening when I told her Ethan was stillborn, so she continued her sales pitch. I explained that he was BORN DEAD so she changed her tactic, trying to sell me on how ViaCord could save my next baby.

Cord blood banking doesn't fix birth defects lady. Get me your manager.

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