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The Purple Butterfly May 21st, 2007 03:56 PM

I would like to keep up with everyone's tests, the results and updates on meds. So keep us posted!!

nmiracles May 21st, 2007 05:01 PM

Tests: TSH, free T3, and free T4
Latest Results: The current level (50mcg/day) is not appropriate, but the next highest dose (75mcg) is too much.
Meds: 7.5 pills of 50 mcg Synthroid a week

I go back to the doctor next week.

The Purple Butterfly May 21st, 2007 08:29 PM

I have not been tested in over a year and when I went to my new dr last week he requested 6 different tests. I will get the results tomorrow or Wednesday. I am going back to the drs in 2 weeks to see if I need to adjust my meds at all or anything. I'm currently on 60mg of Armour.

Momofapeanut May 22nd, 2007 07:36 AM

I'm currently on 25mcg of synthroid. When tested in March TSH was 5.56. Retested in April at 3.59 and will go in this week for another test.

I was on and off synthroid due to relocating/ new job/ new health care provider, so the march levels were with no hormone supliment.

Prudence May 26th, 2007 04:28 AM

First TSH: 10.6
Second 2.25

TheBoyMaker May 28th, 2007 05:26 PM

5 years ago when I was first dx my tsh was 49 now its usually 2s - the lowest reading. I feel my best at or below 1

amberjolie May 29th, 2007 08:55 AM

My tests at the beginning of May were as follows (unmedicated):

thyroid peroxidase antibodies - over 1000
TSH - 13.31
T3 - 3.21
T4 - 6.5

I am now on 100mcg of Eltroxin (levothyroxine).

Had another blood test immediately before starting the meds to see if my body was doing anything on its own (since it could be postpartum thyroiditis). All the doc said was to keep to the 100mcg, but didn't give me the levels. So I can assume they didn't change much.

The Purple Butterfly May 30th, 2007 08:29 AM

I got my test results from last week.....

Thyroid Antibodies: RESULT 537............ NORMAL 0-34
Antithyroglobulin: RESULT 27............. NORMAL 0-40
TSH: RESULT .615................... NORMAL .350-5.5
T3: RESULT 224...................... NORMAL 85-205
Reverse T3: RESULT 265................. NORMAL 90-350

amberjolie June 1st, 2007 02:05 PM

Ok, finally got the results from the blood test I took just before starting the meds:

T3 - 4.0
T4 - 6.1
TSH - 43.66

So my T4 went down from last time and my TSH REALLY went up (from 13.31 about 3 weeks earlier). How could my T3 be okay now, though? Last time it was 3.21. Both tests reflect my levels unmedicated.

postalchick71 June 4th, 2007 01:29 PM

I just got my results.

My TSH-11.08

Last time my results were

She's increasing my Synthroid to 137 mcg

nmiracles June 4th, 2007 04:26 PM

Free T4: 1.17 (0.89 to 1.76)
TSH: 1.8

I am going to remain on 7.5 pills of 50mcg of Synthroid a week.

Chatterbox June 6th, 2007 08:21 PM

This is from my April bloodwork:

TSH: 0.620
Thyroxine (T4) 10.1
T3 Uptake 33
Free Thyroxine Index 3.3

I know in November, my TSH was almost two, I think. So, not only did I have the nodules, she classified me as hypothyroid because of my age and such. I don't know any other levels. I currently take 50mcg of Synthroid.

NutMeg76 June 10th, 2007 08:50 PM

SInce I think I'll stick around I thought I would post mine too.

Jan 2006 TSH 100.1

Apr 2007 TSH 1.2

I haven't had any other tests besides the TSH. It took almost a year to get my levels below 10. I am on .125 of Synthroid.

BensMom June 29th, 2007 09:52 PM

June 2007 - first time FT3-4 were tested. Started on Levothyroxine (25 mcg), and will retest in Aug/Sept-ish.

TSH - 3.98
Free T4 - 0.6
Free T3 - 2.7

The Purple Butterfly July 2nd, 2007 11:49 AM

My test results from 6/27/07. I'm staying on my same dosage of Armour 60mg.

Free T4- .79 (range 0.61-1.76)
TSH- 1.28 (range 0.35-5.50)
Prolactin- 8.3 (range 2.8-29.2)

clinester05 July 10th, 2007 11:37 AM

Ok ladies, I don't know what all the numbers mean, but last July 25, my t4 was 6.12 This June it is 125.542. I am currently on 50 MCG of Levothyroxine. Like I said, this is all news to me & I have no idea what anything means. I just hope it gets under control. I am sick to my stomach over all of this & very scared!!!!

amberjolie July 11th, 2007 06:50 PM

I just got my bloodwork done again last week to see how my dosage is...

T3 - 4.4
T4 - 14.9
TSH - 2.61

So it's looking good so far! I'll be seeing the endo in a couple of days, so I'll see what he says, but I'm assuming we may have hit the dosage button first try, or at least very close!

NutMeg76 July 16th, 2007 11:22 AM

My most recent TSH was 1.8, so up but still 'normal' but I am tired all the time, and feel down, but I am happy...does that make sense? nails breaking, hair falling out, slight weight gain, even though I exercise 4-5 days a week and only eat about 15-1800 cals a day. ugh. Ok, I added all my labs since I found out I was hypo.

Thyroxine Free normal range=(0.9-1.7)
03 May 206 0.8 (L)

Thyroxine Free 30 Jan 2006 1709
Thyroxine Free 0.9 [i]

Thyroxine Free 03 Jan 2006 1713
Thyroxine Free 0.4 (L) [i]

Thyroxine Free 16 Dec 2005 1629
Thyroxine Free 0.3 (L) [i]


Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Sensitive 08 Mar 2006 1724 4.49 [i] normal range= 0.3-6.6

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Sensitive 25 Jun 2007 1359
1.89 [i]

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Sensitive 26 Mar 2007 1231
1.73 [i]

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Sensitive 16 Nov 2006 1230
1.01 [i]

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Sensitive 28 Jun 2006 1345
3.84 [i]

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Sensitive 03 May 2006 1240
6.91 (H) [i]

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Sensitive 30 Jan 2006 1709
12.53 (H) [i]

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Sensitive 03 Jan 2006 1713
96.27 (H) [i]

Thyroid Stimulating Hormone Sensitive 16 Dec 2005 1629
100.00 (H) [i] mcIU/mL 0.3-6.6

Is that better?

nmiracles August 2nd, 2007 07:03 AM

Because I got so many tests run. I am going to post the thyroid ones and those that I was high on. I hope to be able to come back and see the numbers going down.

CHOLESTEROL, TOTAL 267 ...................125-200 mg/dL
LDL-CHOLESTEROL 189 ...................<130 mg/dL
VITAMIN B12 448 ...................200-1100 pg/mL (doctor wants me at 1000)
GLUCOSE 104 ...................65-99 mg/dL

T-4, FREE 1.1................... 0.8-1.8 ng/dL
TSH 2.90 ...................0.40-5.50
T3, FREE 323 ...................230-420 pg/dL
THYROGLOBULIN ANTIBODIES 29 ...................<20 IU/mL
THYROID PEROXIDASE ANTIBODIES 13 ...................<35 IU/mL

CANDIDA AB IGG 1.48 Reference Range:<0.89 NEGATIVE 0.89-0.99 EQUIVOCAL >=1.00 POSITIVE
CANDIDA AB IGA 2.62 Reference Range:<0.89 NEGATIVE 0.89-0.99 EQUIVOCAL >=1.00 POSITIVE
CANDIDA AB IGM 2.06 Reference Range:<0.89 NEGATIVE 0.89-0.99 EQUIVOCAL >=1.00 POSITIVE

BensMom August 10th, 2007 12:44 PM

First test was in mid-June. I was put on 25 mcg of synthroid. This time I was tested Aug 6th, and they've increased my med to 50 mcg.

TSH - from 3.98 (June) to 3.27 (Aug) - range is 0.5 to 5.5
FT3 - from 2.7 to 2.8 - range is 2.3 to 4.2
FT4 - from 0.6 to 0.84 - range is 0.56 to 1.66

I'm looking for a new doc. Until then, I'll try to see if I can add Cytomel to the mix.

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