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hisinkdprincezz March 6th, 2013 06:14 PM

Going on year 4 TTC
My husband and I have been ttc for almost 4 years. I will be 24 and he will be 31 this year. We had one positive during year two but a week later I M/C. Since then we have been trying on our own to conceive meanwhile talking about getting my Dr involved. I was terrified of my doctor telling me no he wouldn't help or having help and having another m/c. The pain of the first one still haunting me.. finally i decided it was time to get help. I changed doctors to one who makes me feel comfortable and was very positive and happy to want to help us. I just had bloodwork done today since I am day 21 since starting. He was more than happy to tell me and ease my worries that I am not "broken" that he believes I'm just not ovulating on my own since i have been irregular since I first started having my cycle at 10. Once the results are in to verify if I'm ovulating or not I will begin my Clomid journey. I am trying to remain calm and positive for me and my husband. It is just so frustrating :smackshead: I'm hoping for the best for us and all of you ladies. It makes it easier to know there are positive results and that I am not alone. This is my first time on one of these sites and I am hoping for support from those who have been through this or are going through it now.

myprincessdolly September 27th, 2017 01:35 AM

Re: Going on year 4 TTC
Hello and welcome friend. I can understandyour physical and mental stage at this time. I am feeling so sorry for thispainful situation in your life.I amfeeling pity and pain regarding in my multiple conceiving failed problems. Thisis very confusing situation in your life. You need not panic about thisdifficult situation in your life. The first and foremost thing, I want tosuggest you too faced this difficult situation with strong will power andpositive attitude towards life that is most popular and reliable way to getpositive energy in this negative situation. I want to express kind heart thanksto my husband to understand my problem and choose advanced medical researchbased treatment that has capacity to defeat my infertility problem in easy andeffective way. Once we have to attend marriage party in Ukraine where we met myold college friend who is popular gynecologist of Ukraine. We discuss ourproblem in detail to solve out my problem in advance medical research basedtreatment like IVF test tube baby treatment that has capacity to convert mydream into reality in short time period with high success rate. It is dream ofevery woman to enjoy labor fruit with healthy baby gift that fulfill your lifewith happiness. I am feeling happy to help you on behalf of my personal lifeexperience to defeat this difficult situation in easy way. You can start yourtwo ways planning to see sudden magic effect on your body and mind. You shouldgive preference to IVF test tube baby treatment that has capacity to providereal value of time and money in short time period. You need not to visitforeign country to get world class service you a reliable service at your owncity.

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