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sipsu March 15th, 2013 01:39 PM

Soo confused, everything messed up after loosing my little one :(
Before miscarriages i had perfect cycle, basale was low before ovulation, temperatude drop on ovulation day and then it was higher again. Those monthwhen i was prgegnent had implatation dip also. Cycle was always 28 days. It was easy to get pregent, first month got my positive teat, Lost the baby on 5. week. Then i after first perriod got pregnet again, everything was perfect till 12 week, no bleeding no pain, saw heartbeats, then on ultrasound no hearybeat anymore ;( It happened on October2012.
After that i perriod started again and doctord did all tests, everything is good with me and my husbant. But now problem is my cycle, it was 30-31 days october-february, now last cycle was only 26days. Did bloodtest on day 26. morning and negative.
Basale was last cycle till ovulation around 36,5 and after 36,8. When period started it dropped on 36,5 again, but now from day 4 it have beel 36,8 every day, ovulation time should be next week.
Why its soo high now? Why the cycle was so short last month, lutealbase was only 9days, normaly its 14.
We r trying TTC from this month again, but now seeing all that i just want to cry, whats going on with me? Feel like there is no possible way to getpregnant again ;(
Hope u understand what i mean, english is not my language :)

momology March 15th, 2013 02:02 PM

Re: Soo confused, everything messed up after loosing my little one :(
I am so very sorry for your losses. After your loss at 12 weeks it is possibly taking your body a little longer to adjust back to normal. It could be your hormone levels returning to normal causing the different lengths in your cycles. I don't think that your basal temperature being higher at the beginning of this cycle is an indication that you wont ovulate, sometimes that can be caused by environmental factors (if you had a cold, or you started sleeping with a heavier blanket, or if it is just warmer in your bedroom). As long as you see an increase from there at ovulation time I think everything is alright. It is so easy to get discouraged after a loss but hang in there! I would also discuss some of your concerns with your doctor and let them know that you have been having some strange cycles since the loss. It is probably normal but I like to run everything past my doctor when possible. Best of luck to you and I hope you get pregnant with your rainbow baby very soon!

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