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Justjeni February 1st, 2009 12:24 PM

I have never touched the OPK's and we have been TTC 1 year. I thought that I would buy a test kit for fun and see what happens. I had EWCM yesterday and then I took OPK today and this is what I got. I only bought 7 tests, so wondering if I should test straight the next 7 days. What do you think?

gumonyershoe February 1st, 2009 02:57 PM

I've read, and I'm no expert, that you can easily miss your surge if you just test once daily. So if you didn't test consecutively then you could also easily miss it and miss getting a positive.

I guess if you're just curious about toying with them then yeah, test every day as long as you have them.

If you were wanting them for more than just curiosity I would go to early-pregnancy-tests.com and get some of the cheap ones and get a whole bunch. That's the way I got my pregnancy tests that I have now. I didn't get OPK's 'cause I had the fertility monitor I was going to start using. But you can get them pretty inexpensively.

Justjeni February 1st, 2009 03:33 PM

I know I want to do that, but I thought I would just play with the 7 I bought at Walmart. It was almost $12 for seven test. I will test once a day until I get a Positive!

gumonyershoe February 1st, 2009 08:03 PM

If you're going for the ones that are the mid stream tests they are going to run about that much. But test strips, the ones that you pee in a cup and then dip the strip in, you can get 20 for $18. That way you could easily test almost every day of your cycle just to see what your body is doing.

Sorry I don't mean to be like... I dunno. being annoying with this. But here's the tests I'm talking about. They get less expensive per unit the more you buy. http://www.early-pregnancy-tests.com/pacof3ovtess.html

Just an idea. And if you spend more than $15 the shipping is free. And it's fast shipping with plain packaging so it isn't obvious who the package is from.

Vicki... February 2nd, 2009 09:03 AM

Jenny is it possible that you have already o'd and missed your surge, usually ewcm is a great indicator for ovulation.

Justjeni February 3rd, 2009 08:25 PM


gumonyershoe February 3rd, 2009 09:50 PM

looks like the most recent one is a positive!!

Haltia February 4th, 2009 05:41 PM

I would of said a positive from the first test but that most recent one deffo looks like a positive to me :excited:

gumonyershoe February 4th, 2009 05:51 PM

From my understanding, OPK's almost always have two lines. But when the "test line" gets to be as dark or darker than the "control" line, that's when it's considered positive.

Vicki... February 5th, 2009 09:29 PM

The last one is for sure positive

Justjeni February 9th, 2009 08:15 AM

The more the two lines look the same the more positive it is. YiPPiE!

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