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gumonyershoe March 9th, 2009 10:03 PM

Clear Blue Fertility Monitor update
Well after getting the "go ahead" from my new doctor, I decided to start using the fertility monitor this month just to kind of have a heads up and head start on figuring out what's going on with my ovaries and if I ovulate.

So far nothing too interesting. I was surprised that it had me start POAS on CD6. I guess I was surprised just because I knew with the PCOS I probably will have a longer than 28 day cycle so CD6 seemed early. But, this is the first cycle with the monitor and it takes a little while to "learn" your cycles.

So from CD6 which was the 5th (actually since the monitor is a day behind my actual counting, I guess it was actually CD7... but whatever), it has said I have "high" fertility, but not "peak." The directions do say that the first cycle is a "getting to know you" and then after that it'll be more individualized and sensitive.

but so far so good. It's a little annoying being told to POAS every morning because even if I get up needing to pee, and turn on the monitor to be told to POAS, it takes a good 5 (maybe more) minutes to get me the results so I'm sitting there waiting when I just wanna go back to sleep! haha

Vicki... March 22nd, 2009 04:24 PM

Re: Clear Blue Fertility Monitor update
That is so great, I want one of those monitors, but it would not do me any good, I take opk's all month sometimes and never get anything, even when I know i am o'ing, it looks pretty much positive everyday for me, my doctor told me the reason they don't work for me is my pcos ick.
You should have one cycle in it now right??

gumonyershoe March 22nd, 2009 04:40 PM

Re: Clear Blue Fertility Monitor update
I'm on CD 24. Every day having me test and the results is still "high" fertility, still no "peaks." It probably honestly won't work for me either. But the doctor said it wouldn't hurt to try it since I already had it. Probably the cost of the test sticks every month equal out to what OPK's would be. So, having the monitor helps take the guesswork out of it I guess.

And this is still my 1st cycle with the monitor. so, I guess we'll see in the months to come if it ever does anything more.

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