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perryhowse December 6th, 2008 06:52 AM

I'm new to this forum. My hubby and I have been married for thirteen years. We have seven children, six girls, and one boy. Our boy is smack in the middle for now. We are thoroughly looking forward to more.

We are also military, and my husband just returned from a year in Korea, which created a larger gap in our children. That gap has certainly made my desire to have more greater. Since he's been home we've been TTC. We've had one miscarriage three weeks ago. Already I do believe I'm pregnant again. Being that you all have large families I was wondering how soon any of you have experienced symptoms? Here's what the last week has looked like for me.

Day of Ovulation: The act of intercourse that I believe got us pregnant also caused my vaginal area to swell and it is still swollen to this day.

1dpo --- Feel wet in vaginal area but when I wipe there's nothing. Took a midday nap, when I woke I felt shaky & nauseous. Nausea went away after a trip to the toilet for a BM. The shakiness gradually went away, but I still had a weak feeling in my arms before going to bed.

2dpo --- Vaginal area seemed less swollen during the day, but during intercourse it was markedly bigger than normal.

3dpo --- Slight cramping in the noon time.

4dpo --- Was nauseous all day. Nausea came in waves and after the peak of nausea it would be followed by burping. Felt tired and restless. Still have the feeling of being wet, but when I wipe there's nothing. Increased sex drive.

5dpo --- Pooch feels bigger today, even hubby noticed during a hug. My oldest daughter, age 12, said she noticed it was bigger too even before I told her I might be pregnant. Lots of motion nausea today. Vaginal area feels numb/sensitive to the touch. Last night while sleeping I was restless, yet tired, I flipped around a lot and did a lot of stretching (reminds me of my only son's pregnancy). I had no desire to eat things that I can normally put away with no problem like oreo cookies.

6dpo --- Morning had some good energy, began to get somewhat nauseous around noon. Continued to have nausea for the rest of the day in waves.

7dpo --- Only slightly nauseous, but I was pretty much sitting all day. The nausea seems to be more like motion sickness. Mucus has been creamy and runny. When 17 month old laid on me my belly was tender, I'm already doing the guarding move when the little climbs on me.

8dpo --- The morning is just started. I've felt slightly nauseous. The pooch is the ever present reminder that there very well could be a baby (or two?) in there.

I know I've had the puffy vaginal area symptom pretty early before, but not right after the intercourse that created the conception, at least I don't think so. I know I've NEVER had the other symptoms this early. Nausea has come at three weeks before, and maybe the pooch around then also.

I've been teasing my husband that maybe I either conceived earlier than I thought (which would be difficult with the miscarriage only three weeks ago, and I did test before, during, and after the miscarriage till I got a negative), or it's a boy, or there are twins, and the really scary idea is that all three could be true.

I'm looking forward to what ideas you all have, and fellowshiping here on this forum.

Sassafrass December 8th, 2008 09:29 AM

Welcome! Your symptoms sound promising! Good luck!

M0mmy0f6 December 8th, 2008 09:57 AM

i agree they def sound promising
:bluecheer: keeping fingers crossed for you :bluecheer:

WishingStar December 11th, 2008 08:05 AM


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