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Joliving4Jesus January 2nd, 2011 01:20 PM

What would you consider CD 1?
Well I know they say to count CD 1 as the first day of an actual af flow, not spotting, well I thought I was due for af on Friday according to my opk's and temps, I had been spotting since Friday but my actual af came two days later, on my normal 28 day cycle but I was expecting a 26 day cycle this month because I was on clomid for the first time and I thought it was making me O sooner. Well I am supposed to take my next round of clomid on the same days, CD 3-7 and I want to start it on the right day, af came late last night around 1:00am...technically today, Sunday is CD 1 because it came after 12:00am...but I take clomid when I wake up around 10:00am...so should I still count today as CD 1 and start my clomid on Tuesday or take it Monday?

Kobain's Mommy January 2nd, 2011 02:40 PM

Re: What would you consider CD 1?
Is your Dr monitoring you at all? If not I'd call and request it right away! It also depends on your RE. For my RE goes noon to noon instead of midnight to midnight. So if AF shows at 1am CD1 would be today, but if she showed 1pm today I'd be CD1 as Monday.

Joliving4Jesus January 2nd, 2011 04:22 PM

Re: What would you consider CD 1?
I am not seeing an RE, just an OB, myself nor my husband have any fertility problems, we have unexplained infertility, I ovulate fine every month, so I am just taking the clomid to increase our chances, we're not being monitored and personally don't want to be. I was told I didn't need to take the clomid at any specific time of day, anytime of day I wanted, I just needed to take it CD 3-7...and since I started it late at night before bed, but technically the following day since it was after midnight, I don't know what to start from.

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