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Raunchero May 21st, 2013 01:18 PM

12dp iui tested
BFN... Total bummer. I had total faith in this cycle. My dh is very upset. We had talked a little bit today and he got almost angry about everything. He said that "you are pumping a bunch of medication into you hoping that something happens, and nothing has. lets Just take a break. its all too overwhelming" I'm scared he is losing hope. He is also concerned about my mental well being and certain issues that may show in the future.

I asked for 2 more IUIs and we then will take a break.

I'm sure many if you have dealt with this with DH, any advice on how to convince him on continuing on?

Gamer_Princess May 21st, 2013 02:55 PM

Re: 12dp iui tested
Well I was the one wanting to give up even before we started down the road to MA... DH was persistent and so motivating :) He really encouraged me and it gave me the strength to push through all the supplements and testing. I am so sorry for your bfn :( I hope that it is still too early :wub:

Lucy S. May 21st, 2013 03:05 PM

Re: 12dp iui tested
They need time to mourn at the end of the cycle too. He might feel completely different in a couple days. Have your RE talk with him too.
its hard because they don't have support like this board. they only have us, their wives and we are going through it with them and many times they are the rock.
I feel very badly for DHs in general :(

So sorry about your BFN :console:

*Whiskey* May 21st, 2013 03:26 PM

Re: 12dp iui tested
I agree, it's as tough on our husbands as it is on us. Hang in there honey I hope you get your BFP soon!

[email protected] May 21st, 2013 04:04 PM

Re: 12dp iui tested
Sorry about the BFN :bighug: Maybe try talking with DH again in a few days, maybe he just needs time to be angry and grieve for your cycle

*Leah* May 21st, 2013 04:26 PM

Re: 12dp iui tested
I'm sooo sorry. We did 5 iui's spaced out within a year...it is sooo hard to go through treatments and especially bc dh was in denial that anything was wrong...he kept thinking it would happen for us. I think it's great your dh is vested...and I'm sorry for the frustration.nI think your plan is great. praying you get a bfp...you aren't out till the witch shows!

Lindz253 May 21st, 2013 08:13 PM

Re: 12dp iui tested
I'm so sorry for the bfn I was so hopeful for you this cycle! I don't have DH advice but hopefully he will feel better about things soon. I'm sure it's hard to watch your wife be so emotional and get hurt while also taking lots of Meds.

swtneka May 22nd, 2013 04:56 AM

Re: 12dp iui tested
I agree with the ladies our Dh needs time to grieve it as well. At least your Dh is passionate about it my Dh keeps it all in acting like it's all gravy drives me crazy sometimes. I hope y'all come to a happy medium.

~~MeeMee~~ May 22nd, 2013 06:26 AM

Re: 12dp iui tested
The ladies have said so much already, just wanted to send you a :bighug:

kayakr May 22nd, 2013 06:38 AM

Re: 12dp iui tested
Sorry for you BFN Rochelle - It is so hard to deal with the excitement of a treatment then the let down if it's a BFN.

DH will come around in a few days. He is just upset. This stuff is very hard on them too as you already know. Love on him even harder! :)

bdblessedbabe May 22nd, 2013 08:40 AM

Re: 12dp iui tested
So sorry for the BFN. What have been said are true.


Raunchero May 22nd, 2013 09:36 AM

Thanks ladies. I am going to wait it out a few days before talking with him about this again. He is so sweet. Last night when he got home he came straight over to me, squeezed me, told me he was sorry that I had to keep going trough this and that I am beautiful. It helps to hear that when after a BFN you feel the very lowest.

Hopefully those darn ic's are wrong and a BFP will show!

cutenurse24 May 22nd, 2013 03:28 PM

Re: 12dp iui tested
I am sorry that you got your bfn. Fingers crossed that you may still get your bfp. As for DH, he needs some time to mourn and be upset. I would give him a few days before talking about it again. Just wanted to let you know I am thinking about both ya. Really hoping you don't have to wait to much longer before getting your bfp.

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