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plan4fate January 31st, 2014 08:28 PM

New Dr update...
So I had an appointment today and the good news is I get TWO new doctors :o

They offered me an RE referral.. but we aren't in the financial position for that right now. So they referred me to an OB in a practice across town (by Reme's) that handles cases like me on the OB level.

She was flabbergasted that no other testing has been done, especially after a slightly elevated a1c.

She could not believe that despite it being noted that I requested the brand name medication that he refused to write it because I didn't have insurance (she let me see the notation)

She could not believe that despite having told him my LP was short, he offered to do NOTHING.

She could not believe that listed next to every single thing I'd told him about he wrote "needs to lose weight"... including my Hashi's!

They disliked my ob before, now they dislike him even more.

I have a 30 day Rx for Synthyroid, there was an issue with the instructions or I'd be starting it tomorrow. I have repeat labs on the 27th

On that same day I have the appointment with the new OB. If she wants to run CD 3 labs, I will have them run in March at the private lab. If they require more than a few days notice, I'll have to book them every day for a week since I never know when AF's coming. I've also been advised to prepare for fasting sugars (I'm not even sure how that's going to work... fasting = stomach pain = no sleep = Ashley dies on the way home crashing into a post), lipids etc.

Poor DH is going back to work early to pay for all this :/ I will try and make a trip to see him Prior to O each cycle he's gone for, but 12 hour drives are not my forte as I'm a sleepy driver.

My first step is going to be calling the ACA Monday and updating our address and our income. Since DH got laid off, we're expecting to make about 60% of what we were anticipating for 2014. That's a huge difference in their formulas and it could change DH's mind on buying coverage.

So that's my nutshell... hopefully I'll know more the first week of March!

Lucy S. January 31st, 2014 10:59 PM

Re: New Dr update...
That sounds sooooo much better! I am sorry it's such a burden on you both financially but you need this- not just for TTC reasons!
I am so hopeful for you!!

plan4fate February 1st, 2014 10:47 AM

Re: New Dr update...
Once he's been back to work a while, we might move me back to a small pet friendly apartment in the town my doctors are in, or at least closer. the 2.5 hour drives really add up too. It's one thing to drive that far for an RE.. but just to see your GP? ick.

But I slept like a dream last night.. feeling some hope. Hope that this might actually get resolved and get me a freaking baby.

Rainbow Catcher February 1st, 2014 01:49 PM

Re: New Dr update...
:dance: That's AWESOME! I really hope you see a difference in the next week or two with the Synthroid. I'm glad you have someone on your side!! That's got to feel reassuring!! So happy for you!!

Raunchero February 1st, 2014 03:56 PM

Re: New Dr update...
I so happy that you are able to get moving again. I am praying that the meds get you to where you need to be. And also, that you and dh get every happy moment together real soon

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