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Raquel046 June 11th, 2007 11:51 AM

So DH and I had our huge blow out about his ex and DH left for a few days at my request. I felt really horrible :( I think the kids suffered the most for it :( After 2 days of nothing but yelling and fighting over the phone I agreed for him to come home so we could talk and "try" to straighten things out. He keeps insisting that she's just a friend and that he didn't "Think" that them talking would bother me, I kept trying to make him realize that he made me doubt everything that came out of his mouth because I felt like he purposely kept it a secret even after we saw her. I was even more mad to find out that she had emailed him the day after we saw her to say she was sorry that she didn't say hi but that I was there and she didn't want me to get mad. I was so irritated because it made me think he was talking trash about me because I have NEVER said anything to this girl, and she never had a problem talking to him infront of me before so why would she assume this?!?!?!?! :angry2:
After talking, he has now deleted his myspace page and has promised that he would not talk to this girl again and would tell me anytime any of the ex's ever pop up again, whatever the situation. I told him that all I ever wanted was to know I have his respect in this relationship and what he did was in no way showing me that. It took some convincing to get me to take him back because I am afraid that I will not trust him again like I did before. And I don't want to live my life like that, I want to be happy without having to worry who will be turning my DH's head the next time. I know its going to take some time, but I really hope that this was all worth it.

After all of this we also talked about where we are going to go with having another baby. We have agreed to try this month on our own and if nothing then we will talk to our DR about different medications. That maybe since DH has such a low count that if I can ovulate more eggs that it may increase our chances of at least one getting fertilized. And we also discussed that we are going to try for another 18months and if nothing by the end of that, that he will at least sit down and consider us using donor sperm to have another baby.
We are just really hoping we can have one without having to go that route but I want him to at least to keep an open mind about it.

So this is where we are at. AF is still here taking her sweet time leaving. But I'm at least glad she decided to show up!!! So, now just waiting for her to go and then to "O" and pray from there!!!!
Sorry this was so long! :smile:

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