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LauraTTCat42 December 3rd, 2012 06:40 AM

♥ December Roll Call ♥
December is here, for some it is time to wrap gifts, or pack bags for holiday, or relax and unwind....

What does December mean to you (time to travel, relax, see family, too much going on, ....):

What will your TTC status be for the holidays (TTC, NTNP, not TTC):

If you are TTC, when do you plan to test?

Do we have any Christmas Day testers?

lelila December 3rd, 2012 07:52 AM

Re: ♥ December Roll Call ♥
Wait, it's December already?

[email protected][email protected] December 3rd, 2012 02:22 PM

Re: ♥ December Roll Call ♥
let see first xmas mean family time.. no travil just relax
Im on cycle day 16 still waiting to O so Im will be ttc and tww
if my body works right I will be testing a week before xmas if not during or after lol
I just had a long cycle and I usally go normal for 3 then 1 long.. good luck everyone happy holidays.

Tinky December 3rd, 2012 02:57 PM

Re: ♥ December Roll Call ♥
What does December mean to you (time to travel, relax, see family, too much going on, ....): December is a time for worry for me. I just want the kids and manbeast to be happy. I also have a love hate relationship with christmas decorations. I like them anywhere but cluttering up my house!

What will your TTC status be for the holidays (TTC, NTNP, not TTC): Hopefully it will be cheering section only.

vickyblueeyes December 4th, 2012 10:24 AM

Re: ♥ December Roll Call ♥
Christmas always a loud mad time in our house .we have 2 tho .the pagan one which is just me dh and kids .then the 25. Which is gifts.kids playing.parents.uncles .good food lots of cakes.wine.and having a house full of family and kids .I'm really going for ttc next mth. If I cone on next mon I may be o either Christmas eve or day .great timing lol .

Papasgirl December 4th, 2012 09:23 PM

Re: ♥ December Roll Call ♥
Christmas for us will be full of family and food and hopefully lots of memory building for kids and time to just be happy for what we have.
Our TTC status seems to be in NTNP. I should be ovulating within the next day or so And we have been making the most of our opportunities to bd every day so I will be testing before Christmas. I am due for AF on the 20th and if all goes well I will have a nice present for DH under the tree!!

LauraTTCat42 December 4th, 2012 11:26 PM

Re: ♥ December Roll Call ♥
Hoping we get to see a few more BFP's here for Christmas :D

For us Christmas is relaxing, watching the kids open gifts, travelling locally to visit different family on Christmas day.

TTC - but doubt we will be successful this cycle. Been sick with Strep Pneumonia, vestibular neuronitis and Gastro for the past week. Don't feel up to bd, and don't even have the energy to force myself to bd for the sake of timing.

Had very good news though on Monday - My Mom and Sis (both from New Jersey) are visiting me :D YAY!! Haven't seen my mom for 11 years and my sis for 15 years. They arrive here on New Years eve and are staying for 2 weeks. So so so happy :cheer:

My mom finally gets to meet her grandkids in person!!

vickyblueeyes December 5th, 2012 07:19 AM

Re: ♥ December Roll Call ♥
That's great news laura .all the girls together . Will be a vist made for memorys . And the kids and aunt and grand mother all together . What a great start to the new year .

[email protected][email protected] December 5th, 2012 09:09 PM

Re: ♥ December Roll Call ♥
I have decided if things dont work out this month Im taking the next month and going blind no opk no temping no charting. I have to walk by faith this time I feel its the right thing to do.Im gonna chill rest of this cycle and finish out my temping and opk.. hubby is leaving saterday for about a week so Im shure he might miss it. and im ok with sometimes you just have a feeling things are gonna work out. I hope everyone gets there dec bfp..

vickyblueeyes December 5th, 2012 10:19 PM

Re: ♥ December Roll Call ♥
Iv been taking the relaxed approach for a bit. Sometimes we just need a break from all the testing and stressing . Hope it works out for you hun .I'm back tcc next period .

LauraTTCat42 December 6th, 2012 04:19 AM

Re: ♥ December Roll Call ♥
Probably have said on here at least half a dozen times that I am going to relax with TTC and not take it so seriously, but inevitably the TTC'er and POAS'er takes over in the 2WW and all the relaxing goes out the window, LOL

Tinky December 6th, 2012 06:24 AM

Re: ♥ December Roll Call ♥
I agree Laura. I have said I am going easy this next month and still didn't or on the other end I have said I'm ok with a BFN this month for such and such reason but it still hurts my heart. I try not to show that either. A shower is a good place to cry it out;)

[email protected][email protected] December 6th, 2012 03:16 PM

Re: ♥ December Roll Call ♥
just got to try right... I just need a nap lol I have TMI sign and we were gonna have fun this morning but hubby got called in. so pissed about that, so late night tonight he better be awake lol

vickyblueeyes December 6th, 2012 10:25 PM

Re: ♥ December Roll Call ♥
I'm on a break but still live in hope. Due on mon do tested today bfn hay what's new! You would think that you would get used to it every mth but it still hurts.will be in the shower this morning in tears .just gets frustrateing and you think *** is wrong with me.iv got pregnant before why can't I now !! .blind faith keep me going I think . And next mth I can join in with you girls testing and temping again
My obsession begins ....again lol .

LauraTTCat42 December 6th, 2012 11:04 PM

Re: ♥ December Roll Call ♥
Sorry about the BFN Vicky, you're right though, no matter how much you prepare yourself to see the BFN it still hurts everytime you see one.

So looking forward to having you back here TTC and obsessing in the 2ww with us, LOL

vickyblueeyes December 7th, 2012 12:00 AM

Re: ♥ December Roll Call ♥
The pee sticks are a calling me lol .

LauraTTCat42 December 7th, 2012 01:45 AM

Re: ♥ December Roll Call ♥
LOL :D how can you resist the temptation???

vickyblueeyes December 7th, 2012 01:58 AM

Re: ♥ December Roll Call ♥
Its been hard .dh has tired my hands together . And the purse strings lol. But aha I have control again ! .

LauraTTCat42 December 7th, 2012 02:00 AM

Re: ♥ December Roll Call ♥
So when you gonna test, you can't leave us all waiting here :)

vickyblueeyes December 7th, 2012 11:31 AM

Re: ♥ December Roll Call ♥
would I do that!!!!! Lol

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