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Believingforonemore April 4th, 2013 04:17 PM

Tomorrow will be CD1 again.
I am spotting. The pregnancy tests are negative. Although my temps are still up I know AF will be here tomorrow. If I just knew eventually I would get pregnant and have a healthy baby I could handle this waiting a lot better. It's the unknown of will I be able to achieve pregnancy again that's killing me. My dh asked me how long I was planning on trying. I know he is getting tired of month after month also. I'm a little down today obviously. I hate the ups and downs of ttc.

lelila April 4th, 2013 04:35 PM

Re: Tomorrow will be CD1 again.
Oh Hun, I know it sucks. Maybe don't tell him you are trying. I stopped telling DH a LONG time ago what was going on. I hid the thermometer from him, hid the OPKs. Didn't tell him when I was Oing, etc. Just tried my best to pretend I was wearing that super sexy lingerie because I was really horny and not because tomorrow was egg day.

I didn't buy hpts either. I waited until I was really late, like 5 days. Then I went out and bought a pack of 1.

It's hard. Be strong.

BTW, you really hit the hammer with the nail and your chart looks great! Don't lose heart yet!

Believingforonemore April 4th, 2013 05:52 PM

Re: Tomorrow will be CD1 again.
Thanks for the pep talk Lelila. I need to trust God more. Specifically I need to trust what he has said to me. Just because I don't see it doesn't mean it won't happen.

katydae88 April 4th, 2013 07:03 PM

Re: Tomorrow will be CD1 again.
I know how you feel af showed up for me tonight :( Sometimes I wonder if it is worth going through all the heartbreak month after month. I am seriously thinking about just giving up ttc and just move on with my life with my wonderful DH. Although I really really wanted to give him a baby of his own :)

Believingforonemore April 4th, 2013 08:12 PM

Re: Tomorrow will be CD1 again.
Katy, I've been thinking about giving up also. There is a part of me that just won't let go though. Maybe just a couple more months.

[email protected][email protected] April 5th, 2013 01:24 AM

Re: Tomorrow will be CD1 again.
I do the same thing with my hubby I never told him it was time hid all the opks and bbt as well.. now this is it for us he goes out and buys be my opk with me because he knows its almost over and it means alot to me so he said were going hard until it over..wich is june.. and he told me and made shure to let me know that it was for shure over there will be no more opk or temping and trying once were done and I needed to acept that were getting older and my body has changed. I told him 1 your an *** for saying that and 2 no need to rub it in that its been 3 year of trying and have nothing to show for it. so kiss my *** lol... in a nice way I let him know dont talk to me like that and to leave his opion to hiself lol

Believingforonemore April 5th, 2013 05:41 AM

Re: Tomorrow will be CD1 again.
Divermom are you going to be ok with just saying it's over?

lelila April 5th, 2013 09:16 AM

Re: Tomorrow will be CD1 again.
Never say DONE Ladies. The minute you think you are done. Co-worker at work was 50, you read correctly 5-0 and SURPRISE.

The heartache is the worst. Month after month of BFNs and disappointment. I think sometimes, that is worse than actually not being pregnant is actually seeing the "not pregnant".

Maybe it's time to stop the OPKs and the HPTs. You all know your cycles SO WELL by now. You know when you get AF that in 8 or 9 days its time to BD for 5 - 8 days. So, maybe doing that and then just letting mother nature and whatever God you believe it take over is the best thing.

That's kind of where we are at right now. We have had an unbelievably bad start to the year. And we've talked it over so much. DH said to me, "You know when we are supposed to be doing this, so what do you need test strips and pee cups for? 2 days after your periods ends, we have fun for a week or two."

Maybe that's how we were supposed to be doing it all along. I don't know. But it can't be any worse than it's been can it?

[email protected][email protected] April 5th, 2013 10:43 AM

Re: Tomorrow will be CD1 again.
no Im not ok with it hubby says Im to old at 40 to have anymore
and as far as opk goes I went 2 and half years without anything didnt even know what they were until my doc said something.. so now Im using them ugggg its all in god plan i know. he knows what we need to do.

Renee360 April 5th, 2013 08:31 PM

Re: Tomorrow will be CD1 again.
FX'd that you get your BFP!

TTC is one of the most stressful thing a couple can go through. I thought I was the only one that didn't really involve DH in all the prep work of TTC. :). When he ask I talk about it, but for the most part he's there for BDing and that's it. I don't even tell him when I get a BFN.

[email protected][email protected] April 6th, 2013 03:06 AM

Re: Tomorrow will be CD1 again.
ya I think alot of us keep it to our selves only because we dont want to stress out hubby to much..plus if they knew everytime than having sex just wouldnt be fun anymore I still need that fun spontainious sex without doing the baby dance

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