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Minty July 28th, 2012 07:21 PM

I don't know what to think...
Ok, so let me just start off. 2 and a half years ago, I was diagnosed with PCOS. I was told that because my pcos was found at an early age, I COULD STILL conceive children; it'd be possible. I lost 40 pounds within 2 years because of metformin, and controlled my pre-diabetes (that were associated with my PCOS) with eating better and doing more exercise. I am now pregnant, and have gained all of my weight back, with an extra almost 20 pounds...
I've started to show the skin discolorations that I had with PCOS, during this pregnacny, but no matter what I tell my new doctor, he constantly tells me "no. You don't have PCOS. If you did, you wouldn't even be pregnant!" and he has told me that all my current blood work has proved I don't even have a hint of diabetes either.
I wish I could visit my old doctor who specialized in PCOS but I moved away and can't now. My mother has talked to him several times, and he is really worried, telling me that I need to be careful, and watch myself. They're not sure about what my current doctor has to say.
No one around this town, or entire STATE even has a hint of knowledge towards PCOS so this whole entire situation is just worrisome. I just want to know that I'll be ok after I give birth, and that my baby will be ok.
What should I do? :(

Frozenoj July 28th, 2012 11:55 PM

Re: I don't know what to think...
I'm so sorry to hear you are going through this. Women with PCOS definitely can get pregnant, saying they can't is just ridiculous. It's just harder since women with PCOS usually don't ovulate as regularly.

I know for me, I don't have diabetes I have insulin resistance - which is similar but won't necessarily show up on tests for diabetes. I'm not sure if that's what you had or not. My body has no problem making insulin, it just doesn't absorb what is made correctly. So if you check my insulin levels it won't show anything wrong but my body still isn't getting the insulin it needs if that makes sense. So you might be going through the same thing where you aren't absorbing the insulin but your tests come back fine.

How do you know no other doctors have a clue about PCOS? Even if they don't specialize in it they could still treat you better than your current doctor. If you haven't already I'd at least look into different doctors. I don't go to a doctor who specializes in PCOS but she has more sense than to say it's impossible for me to get pregnant.

I don't think PCOS is supposed to affect pregnancy other than an increased chance of miscarriage, and it sounds like you might be past the riskiest point. However I'm not a doctor so I can't really say for sure. If you can try to contact your old doctor and let him know you're worried and see what he suggests.

DeletedUser12345 July 29th, 2012 02:33 AM

Re: I don't know what to think...
I would definitely find another doctor. A good doctor makes all the difference. I have had to go through a lot of headache to get a good primary care doctor and she knows exactly what to do with it and I still go to an OB/GYN for trying to get pregnant and he has been excellent and knowledgeable about PCOS even though he isnt exactly a specialist. What Frozenoj said about insulin resistance is exactly what Ive got going on as do many PCOS women. Blood tests come up that I am not close to diabetes but I feel my body negatively react when I eat too much so I avoid it. My doctor says the metformin (diabetic drug) helps because it increases your body's sensitivity to the insulin to absorb it right because if it isnt absorbing it, your body will produce too much to try and compensate which can cause too much insulin and feed into cysts on the ovaries. That is why his first line of action was to start me on metformin and then monitor testosterone levels. Also, I have always had that crazy skin discoloration on my armpits.. nothing I could do about it.. but it had something to do with insulin because it is a diabetic trait and when I was on metformin or an anti-androgen (testosterone) birth control pill it went away.

It is hard work to lose the weight if your body's natural balances are out of sync. I hope the best for you and that you can find a better doctor.

Minty July 29th, 2012 11:50 AM

Re: I don't know what to think...
Well I know no other doctors know about it here because no matter where I've called, tried looking, I ask doctors in different places and they either seem hesitant on what it is, or they say "don't specialize/not even sure what PCOS is" kind of thing.
I'm sure I had insulin resistance too, because I remember when I was first diagnosed, my doctor explained it to me. That's also why they put me on metformine in the first place.
I really wish I could go back on the met. but I know I can't during pregnancy because it could hurt the baby. My mother desperately wants me to go back on it when I'm done with the pregnancy, but the doctors out here are so stubborn about it. I know that before I found out I was pregnant, one doctor I went to denied me of my metformin medication because she was scared it would ruin my kidneys or something (though I've been taking it for 2...freaking...years).

Frozenoj July 29th, 2012 05:04 PM

Re: I don't know what to think...
Wow that seems really weird. I know PCOS isn't something all doctors are familiar with, but I couldn't imagine living in a place that didn't have any doctors who at least knew something. How far away have you looked? I have chronic chest pain and couldn't find any doctors here that would treat it, so I go to one about an hour away. It sucks but at least I know I'm getting the care I need.

~* Natasha *~ August 1st, 2012 09:24 AM

Re: I don't know what to think...


How far along are you in your pregnancy? My OBGYN took me off of Met at 13 weeks, but I have had PCO friends who have stayed on Met the entire pregnancy. Are you far enough into your preganacy that you have had your GTT? One thing that concerns me is the increased chance that we PCOS ladies have for GD. I'm about 7 weeks away from my initial GTT and I'm praying I pass it. BUT I also discussed with my Dr. the possibility of needing to go back on Met in the event that I actually do develop GD, and that is a possibility.

I am offering this information because I think its very scary that you are seeing a Dr. who says they are unaware of, or unfamiliar with, PCOS! Sheesh! What OBGYN in the 2000's doesn't know about PCOS?? That's so frustrating to me! (sorry for the rant!) Luckily, the practice that I am with, and the primary OB I'm seeing, clinically diagnosed me with PCOS at about 18 y.o. Then after seeing an RE, I actually got to see the u/s with the very typical "string of pearls" cysts on both my ovaries.

Anyhoo.... this is long but I'm just encouraging you to find another Dr who is more versed in ladies with PCOS. How far would you have to travel to see one?

KUP on things!

aubers68 August 1st, 2012 02:05 PM

Re: I don't know what to think...
I think everyone gave great advice, so I just wanted to chime in and wish you the best of luck! We're all here if you have any other questions as well.

I'm assuming the DR you are talking about is an OBGYN.... well here in my area there are a few primary drs that know enough about PCOS that they can help... maybe try finding a primary dr (not OB) that may be able to help you out after your pregnancy.... OH, and throughout my pregnancy I didn't do anything different then any other person without PCOS and my baby is here and just fine, as am I ;)

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