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aubers68 September 14th, 2013 07:44 PM

Lurking PCOS Mama's
What worked for you? How long did it take for you to get that BFP? Has getting pregnant and having a baby changed your PCOS at all? Will you be trying again? What approach will you take to get another BFP? Share the biggest piece of advice to others desperately awaiting their shot to become a mother.

DeletedUser12345 September 29th, 2013 01:58 PM

Re: Lurking PCOS Mama's
Just came back to lurk again and saw your name! (Changed my username-was melissamarie) your baby girl is getting so big! I miss the family of this group but I'm not ttc anymore.. For me, after all the clomid, surgery, and injections and no pregnancy.. It took a divorce, me thinking I'd never have kids, and a one time oops to have my son so I have no suggestions for the lovely ladies here.. But if anyone has questions about ovarian drilling, I definitely credit that for fixing my body.

aubers68 September 29th, 2013 05:39 PM

Re: Lurking PCOS Mama's
Hi Melissa!!! Congrats on your baby boy!! So handsome!! If you have facebook you're more then welcome to add me. I have a few of the other girls from before added on there too. I miss the group as well. Seems like lots of the girls that were around when we were around have gotten pregnant!

MommaHarvey October 19th, 2013 09:27 AM

Re: Lurking PCOS Mama's
Hey girls. I just accidentally clicked on here while looking for a different board. I remember noth of you from when I was TTC #2. Congrats ti you both the babies arw adorable.

I can't say that pregnancy affected my PCOS, but I'm pretty sure that getting fit and healthy did. DS2 is 11mo. I has my firat PP AF in Aug. Which was a total surprise with PCOS and still BF. So imagine my shock last night to have a surprise BFP. We were kot TTC, in fact were preventing. But I am down to my lowest weight, and much healthier than I have ever been. So once the shock wears off I'll be all for #3.

So for all you ladies that are new aince I left here. It can happen. You just have to find what works for you.

Alexandrite October 19th, 2013 02:18 PM

Re: Lurking PCOS Mama's
A good friend of mine also had amazing results with bringing her weight down. She went overseas for 3 months, lost a lot of weight and got pregnant her first month back! I am on Metformin (500mg 1x a day) which I heard a lot of ladies saying it helped them but it took me 3 months before I ovulated so not sure yet if it is making a difference, I have also sarted AntaGolin this cycle, it is supposedly for PCOS so will see if that helps at all, if I haven't seen results by Jan I am going to try Inofolic (I think its called Pregnitude in the States) I have heard a lot of success stories from that too. Unfortunately I can't take all 3 at the same time! lol With Spring here in South Africa, it will also make it a lot easier for me to get more active again.

Jodimarie October 19th, 2013 06:16 PM

Re: Lurking PCOS Mama's
Hi ladies! I dont look at this board very often because it is sooo dead now lol It took me 3 years to get pregnant so I'm not very encouraging in that aspect lol The only thing that worked for me to FINALLY get pregnant was Fertilaid, Metformin and weightloss. You just order Fertilaid online. I took it for 6 months and got my bfp :) I tried clomid, femara, hcg shot, ultrasounds and all that stuff but I never got pregnant. I started taking metformin, lost 50 pounds with the help of that, started taking Fertilaid which gave me 30 day cycles and O'd ever month on it and got my bfp! :) I cant say everyone who takes Fertilaid will have my same results but it worked for me and I'll take it again when I try for #2 eventually :D Hope you ladies are doing well!

Alexandrite October 20th, 2013 09:36 AM

Re: Lurking PCOS Mama's
Oooh good to know! I will def look into that! Thanks for sharing :)

epsilonbeta October 22nd, 2013 07:58 PM

Re: Lurking PCOS Mama's
I used cinnamon capsules but not a lot else. Honestly I feel very lucky and blessed to have gotten pregnant. Doctor told me I wasn't going to get pregnant on my own and referred me to an REI so the week before that appointment I got my BFP. It was the second time all year that I O'd. Provera was sitting on my counter waiting to be taken.

Overall it took 6 months actively TTC and 9 months total off BCP. So it can happen!

Changes: My acne on the face isn't as killer but the hair growth (on feet for me) is just as bad. No more cysts aches either.

klmart6 October 31st, 2013 12:39 PM

Re: Lurking PCOS Mama's
Hi there! Just joined Just Mommies but have been viewing the website since I got pregnant with my first in Dec 2012. Starting to TTC #2 so have been viewing again a lot lately. I have what is referred to as "thin" PCOS. I am 5'3" and 125lbs and no problems with insulin resistance. I do however have the polycystic ovaries and higher androgen levels. When TTC #1, after 1 year of irregular periods I went to an infertility specialist and the PCOS was diagnosed. Prior to having been on BC for 10 years I always had normal periods every month. They tried two rounds of Clomid (no injections), but both were unsuccessful. My progesterone level went from 0.4 to 0.5 (it is supposed to go above 4.0 to say that you ovulated). They then tried me on Femara. It worked the 1st round but I ovulated later than expected (day 18) so missed it. The second round, I knew exactly when to anticipate ovulation and it happened on day 18 again (progesterone level of 36) and thus got my BFP. Just went off birth control this cycle. I'm 5 DPO now so in the waiting game. Going to try things naturally this time. I should cut back on my carbs/sweets (I'm an addict) but not that desperate just yet. I also started Pregnitude about 1 week before stopping my birth control. So I'm trying to see if that works. Since I do not have problems with insulin resistance I have only been taking it once daily. If that doesn't work, I will increase to twice daily to see if it helps regulate my cycles without meds.
Good luck! And don't give up hope or get stressed. With time, good things will happen!:smile:

bebe.starlet1 October 31st, 2013 01:16 PM

Re: Lurking PCOS Mama's
I've had quite the journey with Clomid, I had been TTC for 7 yrs (I'm currently 25), the last 2 yrs I was on fertility treatment, 2012 did 6 months of 50mg of Clomid alone and did not work, only made me gain weight, i stopped for the last 6 months of the year and started again this year because my DH wanted to try again, I was dx with PCOS and was given Metformin to regulate my insulin levels and Clomid again but this time I did 2 months of 50mg w/o luck, another 2 months of 100mg w/o luck and 1 month of 150mg in August '13, I found out I was pregnant on September 27th and confirmed TWINS on October 16th, two days ago had another u/s to measure them and actually even heard their heartbeats <3 there is hope ladies!

I have to add, I had started doing aerobics on August and September and did lose weight, perhaps that was the extra push I needed to obtain my BFP aside from the medicine, I'm overjoyed after a road of disappointment but now it is all behind us. Wish you all the best and hope to hear more stories :)

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