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mariahpoo2 January 18th, 2014 10:22 AM

What I learned in 5 years of STC with PCOS
First off a big hug to all of you ttc with pcos. It is very frustrating and heartbreaking. 2nd never let go of your dream. It is possible to achieve. I looked everywhere for answers. I was on many broads/forums. My progress was slow, but I finally got the right combo. It might be different for you. But this is what worked for me.

1. do all the normal ttc stuff. Temp, OPK, avoid ibuprofen and peas(him and her) etc.

2. Take supplements and a food based liquid vitamin. Good PCOS supplements are Chromium (this really works. I have GD now and take it with very meal and blood sugars are VERY easy to control that way), extra B, extra D, coconut oil, NAC, and D-Chiro-Inositol.

3. You can lower testosterone numbers by spearmint. I would drink spearmint tea and take a bath with spearmint oils or salts.

4. Exercise. Very important! Exercise at least 3 times a week if not every day for at least 20-30 min.

5. A Good diet. This not only means balancing/limiting carbs if not eliminating them (accept for fresh fruit and veg); but changing to a non-GMO and/ or organic diet. This is very important and one of the major changes that contributed to finally getting pg. There are several reasons, but most processed food has chemicals that interrupt out bodies natural hormone balance. And fruit or veg gmo or non organic was sprayed with deadly pesticides that do not wash off. They soak into your food. And if you read the waring labels on these common pesticides it says causes infertility. Organic is not pesticide free... they are to use only harmless pesticides. Still all fruit and veg should be washed thoroughly.

6. Drink alkaline water 9 PH or higher.

7. Acupressure/ acupuncture.

8. Try meds (clomid, met etc.) or try them again with this combo. They didn't work for me a first shot. After all of these changes were made they worked very well.

And I know it is hard... (not to mention we hate when people say it) but try to relax and have fun with it. Take on the same fun attitude you had when you first started trying. :)

Oh and lastly no smoking, drinking or any other substances. My husband and I also quire drinking and smoking. :)

I am now due in April after 5 hard years STC.

katylady January 19th, 2014 10:12 AM

Re: What I learned in 5 years of STC with PCOS

Glad you were able to share a success story!

mariahpoo2 January 19th, 2014 03:40 PM

Re: What I learned in 5 years of STC with PCOS
Thank you! Honestly I wish I knew all those things from the beginning and we would have been successful much sooner. That is why I love to share my story.

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