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Sassy9679 September 29th, 2010 10:25 AM

Thoughts on Clomid
Hi everyone...

First, let me say, I'm sorry this post is so long. But I could really use some thoughts...

So a few weeks ago I went to the specialist. Basically she told me I have a mild case of PCOS, and a resulting ovulation disorder. She recommended several different courses of action. One of those being Clomid. We are in our 7th month, and it is looking like no BFP for us. When we started this journey, I did not think it was going to take this long, nor did I think I would need assistance. However, it is looking like that is not the case.

Around Sept.18 I got a smiley on the OPK. However, I just did not feel like I had ovulated. Then, last Friday, Sept. 24, I was having some pain on my right side, of course this starts me thinking that I'm implanting. But it just didn't feel right. So I used an OPK, and got another smiley. And I do think I ovulated. However, my period is due in the next few days, and do not feel that implantation has occurred. All this to say, I think I am in need of some help.

DH and I had a conversation about Clomid last night. He asked if I should talk to my mom, I said absolutely not, she is the last person I would talk to you. I don't want anyone to know. So I'm asking here, what are your thoughts on Clomid...your experiences....

Thanks. Thanks so much.


~Lynda~ September 29th, 2010 01:44 PM

Re: Thoughts on Clomid
clomid can cause false positives on opks if you take them too close to when you took your last clomid pill. I think if you got a smiley and had the pain on your side, you probably O'd then and the firs smiley was a false positive. I've also heard that opks are not reliable with PCOS, but I'm not totally sure of that. Maybe someone else can better help with that.

now i'm not sure if you have been on clomid for 7 cycles or if this is just your 7th cycle of trying (first with clomid???)... clomid can delay ovulation too. it did with me. expecially my first round of taking it.

i hope this helps you a bit. perhaps someone else can add more insite! good luck

Sassy9679 September 29th, 2010 02:06 PM

Re: Thoughts on Clomid
Thanks for the help. I actually haven't gotten on Clomid yet. We have been TTC for 7 months. And I got weird smiley's all on my own. So we are trying to decide if we should do Comid or not. I am leaning that direction, just because I am coming to realize that there is a problem. And I don't want to be TTC a year from now, when taking Clomid could eliminate months of emotional upheaval.

snsgirl336 September 29th, 2010 07:56 PM

Re: Thoughts on Clomid
It's not uncommon for you to get a positive OPK and then not ovulate. Sometimes the body builds the LH surge (which is what the OPK tests for) and then for whatever reason (stress, travel, illness etc) just doesn't release the egg. I would imagine that the second bit of cramping you felt was your actual Ovulation. Also, most women do not feel implantation, so I wouldn't count yourself out until AF shows.

I have taken 3 rounds of Clomid in combination with and hcg trigger for Oing. 2 of those cycles were IUI cycles. I have unexplained infertility, so we were just trying to control and monitor my Ovulation. I had the typical side effects from the Clomid- hot flashes being the worst and it was over in only a few days. I understand that taking that 1st step into getting help with TTC is scary and drugs on top of that makes it worse. The way I looked at it was that this is something that can help me acheive my dream of a pregnancy (and I did get a BFP, but m/c'ed), and there are tons of other women in the world who have taken it and been successful. I gave it a shot for the first time and felt that it was the right step for us. Ultimately the decision comes down to you and I hope that whatever you decide will bring you that BFP!

SavaAngel September 29th, 2010 08:09 PM

Re: Thoughts on Clomid
I have PCOS and used Clomid MANY times. For me it didn't work to cause pregnancy. I have also heard PCOS can cause false positive OPK's. I think in those cases is when you begin to ovulate but that particular egg turns into a cyst and you don't release it. Does that make sense? Cycles that I had taken clomid, I would get DAYS and DAYS of positives, so I had to use OPKs as only one of my signs. Other things I relied on was ovulation pain, sensation of fertile mucus, and when I was temping I would watch that too.

I got pregnant on a natural cycle (no clomid) and sorta NTNP (I knew around when I would O). I traveled that weekend and so we DTD before I left and when I got home. I had massive O pains and some light spotting while I was gone. Apparently it worked cause I am expecting a girl in December. It took us 2 years and 2 months to get pregnant with her.

I had my son prior to being diagnosed with PCOS (I am sure I had it then too) and we weren't trying for him.

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