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mommy2noelle April 17th, 2009 02:50 PM

Popping in to Ask a question
Hello ladies! Sorry to barge in like this, but I have a question about ovulation and breastfeeding.

Now I have read a bunch of info on how breastfeeding can prevent O, but since I got pregnant at 10 weeks pp, I don't really believe that. I had a m/c at 7 weeks (end of September). After my bleeding stopped, AF came on Nov. 6. Since the pregnancy was such a shocker to SO and I, we decided that I would get on BC. I opted for depo and got the shot on Nov. 10th. I hated depo, and decided not to get the shot again. The last date of my safe window for depo was Feb. 9, and on March 16th, I got AF again. So I think that was right on track as my cycles were usually about 29-36 days before I had my DD.

I had what appeared to be O pains around last Tuesday and Wednesday, so I'm guessing I o'd last Wednesday. I don't temp or chart...hard to temp when co-sleeping...or at least it is for me cause DD thinks she still needs to wake mom up in the middle of the night.

Oh, by the way, I was EBF/EP. I had to return to work 8 weeks pp and DD got bottles of breastmilk at the sitter. She also did use a pacifier and started STTN at about 4 weeks old.

So is it possible that my fertility has officially returned? Also, how long has it taken some of you guys' fertility to return?

Sorry if this is just a bunch of mumbo jumbo, just looking for some input.


**Jenn** April 17th, 2009 03:45 PM

Re: Popping in to Ask a question
Well it sure sounds like your fertility has resumed! Everyone gets fertility back at different times regardless of how much or little they are breastfeeding.

I'm one of those women that don't get *full* fertility back until I'm down to 3 times a day nursing at most. That was at 10 1/2 months with my first (got pregnant that first ovulation) and 13 1/2 months with my second. My second was still nursing about 5-7 times a day though so my LP was very short but as he cut down it started lengthening on its own. So now I have a normal LP but ovulate very late in my cycle so I'm still not "back to normal" but better than before!

mommy2noelle April 17th, 2009 08:53 PM

Re: Popping in to Ask a question
Thank you for responding! Your boys are so handsome!!!! We're hoping for a little boy when we do have #2.

I guess I'll just be waiting to see what happens...If AF shows or BFP. Hope someone else pops in with some feedback too.

Mommy2Dakota April 18th, 2009 12:19 AM

Re: Popping in to Ask a question
Heya! I'll give you some background info on me then see what I can answer of your questions! :)

My names Jo and I am nursing and co-sleeping with my almost-33mth old daughter. SHe only nurses night now (tried to cut it first but it worked out she found dropping days easier). Anyhoo, my AF returned when she was 9mths (April 2007) and I got pregs but miscarried Dec 2007. I started charting my temps Feb 2008 and am still here ttc! But I have found out many useful things in my time researching!

Firstly there are three stages of returning fertility whilst nursing (although you can skip the middle stage). That is 'no periods/no ovulation' then 'ovualtion but with a short luteal phase (days between ovualtion and period)' and then full fertility.

I have found I am stuck in the middle stage. Your luteal phase needs to be at least 10 days and mine have been around 7 or 8. This COULD be because of the prolactin released when nursing which keeps your progesterone hormone down (needed for pregnancy) and one of the most likely causes of miscarriage as with a short luteal phase it means your AF hormones effectively arrive before your implanted egg can build up enough hormone to override it.
Now I say 'could be' because I have spoken to breastfeeding counsillers and GP's but they disagree on whether breastfeeding effects fertility in this way or not. I have seen'/known loads of breastfeeding mothers who successfully nurse and have a healthy baby so I am doubtful this is the whole picture. Kellymom does state that 'a few rare women will find they can't get pregnant until nursing stops'

That still doesn't give an explanation as to why though and you'll find varied opinions online! I have decided to try to tackle my luteal phase defect through herbal and vitamin remedies. I have tried Vitex but it didn't change my LP and am currently trying B6 200mg (I'm mid way in my third cycle with that) and I did get my first ever 10 dap LP last cycle so I *think* it is working although obviously this cycle is key to finding out if it was more than a one-off!

And lastly just a quick note on the breastfeeding-prevents-ovulation rumour. This is only based on the principles of ecological breastfeeding (also known as LAM) and is dependant entirely on nursing-on-demand 24/7, no solids, and no pacifiers. As soon as one thing is introduced, even if its your partner doing one bottle once a week or baby rice once a day, it breaks that pattern and therefore increases your chance of ovulation and PPAF returning. Although of course - in the case of wanting to get pregnant - these things won't gurantee a return to fertility either! Our bodies are just too individual to be able to know what works for one person will work for another! lol, its all frustrating really isn't it! :)
I bumped into an old school friend who told me she couldn't get pregs until she fully stopped nursing (although I still wonder if it is down to a deficiency because of nursing taking your bodies resources rather than directly down to nursing so my theory is to increase your intake of vitamins so you got enough for nrusing AND pregnancy)

Anyhoo, thats about everything I got! Hope it helpful!

Jo xxx

mommy2noelle April 18th, 2009 06:15 AM

Re: Popping in to Ask a question
Thanks Jo for all the information! I'm about 9-10DPO right now and no AF...just been having mild cramps and some random bloating. I'm hoping this is not still the depo trying to get out of my system and that my body is normal again. But I'll keep ya'll posted.

mommy2noelle April 23rd, 2009 07:29 AM

Re: Popping in to Ask a question **UPDATED**

I am now about 14 - 15 DPO and I POAS this morning using a FRER and it was BFN...

The only things I can figure is that 1) breastfeeding is the cause or 2) the stupid depo is still not really out of my system. If my fertility has returned, I should get AF today. Monday I woke up with severe AF cramps and bloating, but when I checked, it was nothing there. I usually get cramps a day or two at the most before AF comes, which is why I'm guessing I'm not yet fertile.

IDK where to go from here. I am considering ordering some OPKs and attempting temping just to see if I am in fact ovulating at all.

I'm at a loss truly. SO and I talked and we agreed to nurse for a year, so I don't plan on stopping before then unless DD decides she's done, and I would feel selfish stopping just to TTC...so I guess I'll just let nature take its course.

And I can't help but to think that had I not loss the last pregnancy, I would be due in 4 weeks. :frown:

Mommy2Dakota April 23rd, 2009 11:08 AM

Re: Popping in to Ask a question
Oh I had that at Christmas - being really sad thinking about my miscarriage the Christmas before and remembering how the 'egg' came out on tissue on Christmas day! Its natural to suddenly feel this at this time. Allow yourself a moment to grieve for what could have been.

But don't regret your decision to nurse over ttc for now. Your body will be ready soon - the cramping is obviously a sign of this. And if you have a nice healthy LP then it will be all the more quicker.

Jo xxx

mommy2noelle April 23rd, 2009 11:43 AM

Re: Popping in to Ask a question
Thank you Jo for your kind words.

I'm sorry for your loss...

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