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Mommy2Dakota May 4th, 2009 01:55 AM

Tell us something different about yourself?
So, do you collect something strange? Have a weird phobia or passion? Tell us something about yourself unexpected! ^_^

Well...for me I have to confess to a secret love! Yep, thats right! But he's only a fictional character! haha.

I have loved this character called Gambit (aka Remy LeBeau) from cartoon and comics since I was 15. I stopped collecting the comics when I was 20 - mainly cos of being with my hubby, but restarted 5 yrs later. I have a best BEST friend whom I met cos of our love of Gambit (and then later by us both having kids).

My daughter now also loves Gambit! lol, although I swear I didn't influence her aside from her seeing his pics on my desktop.

But most exciting is that Gambit has now 'come to life' on the BIG SCREEN in the Wolverine Origins movie so I feel at last other people might see what all my fuss has been about! :D

X Men Origins - Gambit Character Spot on Yahoo!7 Video


See how yummy he is!

Ok, so you all prob think I'm mad now like my hubby? ^_^

Jo xxx

Kisses-4-Baby May 4th, 2009 08:07 AM

Re: Tell us something different about yourself?
hmmm... unexpected...Well, I am very passionate about thunderstorms, severe thunderstorms to be precise. I'd LOVE to storm chase in the US. We get some pretty wild storms here in SE QLD so i've done a few 'mini' storm chases with hubby and the kids, keeping a distance of course, just taking pics from afar.

What else...hmmmm....

Ok this is gross but i am a blackhead squeezer :lol: But I don't like pimples (pimples are messy lol), just blackheads. DH lets me get them every now and then, and I love it! Hows that for unexpected! :lol:

Mommy2Dakota May 4th, 2009 10:16 AM

Re: Tell us something different about yourself?
WOW! My hubby has a phobia against thunderstorms so he'd really be afraid of hanging out with you! :p But I've always loved them too. My family used to think I was mad (and my mum tell me off) when I used to deliberately go stand in the pouring rain in the garden during storms!

As for ...er...spots, (very unexpected! :D lol) we're a family of spot squeezers too! And we like the white ones! :lol: I even used to squeeze hubby's for him :blink: but not anymore, not since I had our daughter!

:blush::blush::blush: Yeah, thanks for making me confess that!


JO xxx

4Reasons2Smile May 4th, 2009 03:35 PM

Re: Tell us something different about yourself?
lmao love these! SO totally have to say that yes I knew who Gambit was but I am an X men fan super hero comics are great so all the movies out right now (Ironman, X men, Hulk etc... love them haha)

Eric and I are huge fans of thunder storms to we love to sit on our balcony and just watch the lightning.

I to will confess that we're a family of spot squeezers too, I can't stand to see black heads or even white head just sitting on DF back or face whatever it just has to go (how embarrassing but at least we're not alone lol)

Hmm now something else oh here we go something absolutely strange that I do once and a while is out of laziness I guess, when I should just give one of the cats a bath cause they have poop (lol) stuck to their bum I will half the time just grab a baby wipe and try to get it off that way first. oh boy do the cats hate me for that but you'd think they would at least be happy they are not getting thrown in the tub.

I hate messes so the apartment in general I hate when its a mess but I also hate cleaning up after Eric who is a grown man and can do it for himself but he doesn't cause he knows I will. (I actual with hold sex sometimes outta my frustration for his uselessness I hate having to bicker at him to do it himself).

bostoncreampie May 4th, 2009 06:43 PM

Re: Tell us something different about yourself?
This is funny!

Something different... hmm. I think I already shared this here, but I met my hubby when we were in 4th grade. We went to grade school together. He liked my best friend throughout grade school. I moved away in 8th grade and didn't talk to him again until high school, via AOL instant messaging. We decided to talk on the phone and talked for 4 hours. We planned a get together with my best friend and my hubby. They would fly out and stay at my parents house for a week. My best friend bailed but my hubby had already bought the plane ticket. We hooked up and started dating after that, got married 4 years later.

Something else.. I hated beer and mayonnaise until I got pregnant. I craved both of them my whole pregnancy and ended up drinking tons of non-alcoholic beer and eating beer flavored chips and lots of mayo on all my sandwhiches. Now I love them both!

Mommy2Dakota May 5th, 2009 12:03 PM

Re: Tell us something different about yourself?
:cheer: WOw, glad I posted this now! I can't tell you how happy I am that you KNEW of Gambit Bretanha! And yeah, I love watching superhero movies even though Gambit and the X-men are my main comic love.

Ooh, and man, we all obviously have more in common than we thought! Spots though...hmm? LOL

Cool story Kristenpie. Amazing how you got together after all the potential obstacles! lol, never have developed a taste for beer or mayonaise though. I don't like wine either. I tend to like the fruity alcohol drinks like Bacardi breezers and martini with lemonade.

Haha, Bretanha, I recall doing things like that with my mums cat. She had a Persian Blue so his fur was long and got tangled easy so his poo stuck to his bum! Not nice! And I remember giving him a dunk in the sink once and he shot up the wall! I never expected a cat to climb a wall but he hated it that much! lol

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