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Mommy2Dakota June 5th, 2009 09:11 AM

No + on the OPKs yet!
I'm on CD15 today and was hoping to ovulate CD16 but doesn't look like I will as I haven't had a + OPK yet. I'm glad I'm temping too or I might think they were faulty or I was doing them wrong or something.

Bit disappointed as it is more likely my LP would be correct if I ovulate earlier than later. When I ovulated CD 16 I got AF 11 days later, then when I ovulated CD19 I got a 10 day LP, cycle before last, but LAST cycle I ovulated CD19 and only got a 7 day LP so I am worried!

I should get a + Sunday if were to ovulate CD19 right? I think? (CD19 being Tuesday). Its really bad timing too as Monday night I work late and hub has to go to work as soon as I get home so we will only be able to bed today (fri) and Sunday (hopefully though tricky).

So not looking good :(

Still, if nothing else I get to use my progesterone cream to see if that extends my LP.

COMommy3 June 5th, 2009 04:03 PM

Re: No + on the OPKs yet!
Bummer about not gettting a +OPK yet... I hope the progesterone cream helps extend your LP. You should defintely BD tonight and try your best for Sunday. :-) Anything is possible!

Mommy2Dakota June 6th, 2009 03:31 AM

Re: No + on the OPKs yet!
Oh well things have really gone awry now! My bloody SIL (we hate eachother) sold my hubby a dud laptop and trying to fix it up (funny, but as soon as they got the money for it they lost interest in helping us set it up - no suprise) well it totally screwed up my whole interent connection, even on my original computer, and we stressed all day - didn't bd - and I phoned and cancelled my internet altogther so I am now having to come to the library to use the computer. Grrrr!
Good news is it saves us money and I was thinking I am spending too much time online...so I'll make do but just means I won't be popping here more than once a week.

As for ovulation, I bet all this stressing hasn't helped one bit so I will just count myself out now. Oh yeah, can't remember my sign in name for fertility friend either and can't request it as it goes to my AOl account that I no longer have so not sure about charting. Might have to start afresh but might as well wait until new cycle.

Anyhoo, sorry for the moan/rant! Wish you all luck for your cycles!

COMommy3 June 6th, 2009 03:45 PM

Re: No + on the OPKs yet!
That's a bummer about the laptop situation and having to cut out the internet. At least you have access at the library for your once a week getting out of the house "me-time" . Next cycle you will get your april baby! Less stress, no computer, means more BD time for you and DH and it will happen for you!

Hope everything else is going well for you and you have a great weekend.

Mommy2Dakota June 8th, 2009 03:20 AM

Re: No + on the OPKs yet!
Hey! Thanks!
Its true too, I feel loads better without an internet (really weird!) lol

And I got my + OPK yesterday so puts me on my usual CD19 ovulation! Slim chance of getting a decent LP but I got my progesterone cream to try so I hope I can at least stretch it to 10. DTD yesterday too so of course hope the cream helps the egg if its fertilised!

Anyhoo, be back tomorrow on the library computer (at playgroup at the mo) so hopefully get to look in on the other posts here!

Kisses-4-Baby June 8th, 2009 04:45 AM

Re: No + on the OPKs yet!
Jo! We've missed you! Yay for the +OPK :D I've always wanted to use OPKs just to pee on it and get 2 lines show up lol Fingers crossed that the progesterone cream works and in 9 days we'll see a BFP! How's Dakota doing with BF now?

Mommy2Dakota June 9th, 2009 08:29 AM

Re: No + on the OPKs yet!
Heya! Well CD19 today and I think I had an ov cramp. lol. Although the OPK and charting I think is going to confirm it as CD18 which is good because its different than my usual, if only by a day! And we DTD CD17 afternoon.

I know what you mean about the POAS. I showed hubby and we both felt an awww, if only, with seeing two lines cos of course its only a OPK stick and not a preg test but it still feels good to see TWO pink lines! lol

Anyhoo, just the waiting now. Funny enough Dakota is being more clingy now I am not absorbed on the computer so much. Like the more attention I give her the more she hates it when I have to leave her (like for work or coming here to the library). She had a massive tantrum when I took her to the park but then said I had to go home to get ready for work. SHe was screaming "I don't want to go home, don't go to work! I don't want daddy!' urgh! horrible!
And nursing wise she is asking for more (but not getting)...

Hopefully just a phase! lol, toddlers eh!

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