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GranolaMamaOf3 October 3rd, 2009 02:20 PM

NTNP But I have a Question!
So DH and I are Not trying, but we are not preventing either. We are quiver full minded, and would love another baby whenever God sees fit!

I have a few questions about fertility while BF though...

First of all, I am currently EBF my 6 month old little boy (no solids yet. we are trying to wait a bit longer due to allergies), and we plan on letting him self wean. I'm pretty sure my AF returned like 6 weeks after he was born (yes this runs in my family...we don't get any breaks! lol!).

So my first question is...If AF has returned, does that mean you are ovulating (or fertile)?

The reason I'm asking this is because last month I had a really strange cycle, (like really light spotting, that only lasted a few days, and came just a tad early). I wondered if it could have been implantation spotting, so I waited a few days and then took a HPT. It came back negative, so I just assumed it was nothing.
Well a few weeks later, I was feeling kinda strange (hungry, tired, and very moody) So I took another one, thinking maybe the first was just too early to detect anything...again negative!

So here I am, several days after AF was due this month, and still...no AF! Which leads me to my second question...

Are there hormones produced while BF that could effect the accuracy of a home pregnancy test? and, Should I test again?

Any thoughts or suggestions would be welcome! Thanks!

Martha83 October 3rd, 2009 09:57 PM

Re: NTNP But I have a Question!
Hmmm...well everyone I've heard of that got preggo while bfing still could get a BFP on a test....When was your AF due? Sometimes, in my past, it took all the way up to 2 weeks past my AF date to get a FAINT postitive....

Also they go through a growth spurt around 6 months....maybe if he's demanding more food, recently, then it messed with your cycle?

HUGS..and good luck....I'm in the NTNP boat too....only, (sorry to say, to you) my AF hasn't returned....so it makes it MORE of a mystery...lol....

Anyway...oh and the fertile question...Generally if you are cycling you are ovulating but some people DO cycle without ovulating....I'm not a pro at this whole ovulating thing though...I've never been able to tell if I'm Oing or not....

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