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ZaydensMomma January 29th, 2010 12:09 AM

Guidelines & TTC #1 Info Center

You will learn a lot about ovulation, temping, charting, all the lingos when you come to TTC #1. I don't want you to feel overwhelmed by asking too many questions.. so no worries.. all the answers are right here! Take your time and read through the page. If you have any more questions or clarification, please do so make a new thread and ask any great ladies for advices. :) Good luck in your journey! :dust:

These are just some general guidelines for posting on TTC #1 board.
If you have any questions or comments regarding them, please PM Hoosier Kitty.

If you are pregnant and you are posting regarding your pregnancy, we ask that you please post on the Trying To Conceive Your First Graduates - JustMommies Message Boards

Keep in mind that there are members who are still TTC their FIRST child and have been for awhile (who they have been longing for a long time) and may be upset when viewing siggies that contain pregnancy tickers and other pregnancy related graphics. Out of the courtesy, disabling pregnancy ticker/siggy would be respectful to the TTC #1 members (who one or two may be having a bad day & come to TTC #1 board for support to get through their day.)
Uncheck the box that says "Show your signature".

TTC #1 Graduates (ladies who become pregnant and/or have had a baby) do NOT have to leave the board! We all want and will be Grads at some point, and therefore, we want our Grads to stick around. Posting your :bfp: is great.

When posting ANYTHING, please keep in mind that there are other ladies viewing the posts who are TTC # 1 or may be having trouble TTC #1 so, please just take a second to read your post before hitting the submit button. If something offends or upsets you, please hit the "report post" icon and a Moderator can review the post.
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Welcome to TTC your First Child!
*Credit to Babybird*
Section 1: Getting Started TTC, Charting tips and FAQs!

Section 2: TTC Abbreviations used on JM! (PM me with any additions you think of!)

*Section 1*Getting Started TTC, Charting tips and FAQ's*

DH told me to tell you all that all you need to know is that boyís hee hee goes in the girls hoo ha and then you get a baby! http://www.justmommies.com/forums/.....ault/laugh.gif Donít you wish it was that easy!!

Beginning to TTC can be somewhat overwhelming if you are like me and want to be in complete control of the situation. Or as in control as possible. I thought since we have a lot of new girls that I would start this post on how to get started. Some people are ok with just not preventing and hoping it will just happen. Others, like myself, need to know exactly what is going on every minute of their cycles. Or maybe you have been TTC without charting and havenít had any success so now you are ready to get started. Hopefully this thread will answer some questions.

The basics:
We all know about our periods, we most likely learned about it in Jr High but do you really know what happens during the cycle??
Knowing the breakdown of the different phases of your cycle is important when TTC. The first phase of your cycle following menses is called the follicular phase. This is when the body is preparing for ovulation. The follicular phase can vary in length from cycle to cycle. You are most fertile toward the end of this phase. This is when you will begin to see an increase in CM. Then you have ovulation, where the egg is matured and released. Lutenizing hormone is the hormone that causes ovulation. The last phase of your cycle is called the Luteal Phase (LP). This is after ovulation so you are no longer fertile and should be consistent in length from cycle to cycle. The LP should be 12-16 days in length.

First things first:
The first thing you need to do is note the first day of your last AF then sign up for a charting program (you can do this on a paper chart but it is just more fun on the computer!). The most popular one is Fertility Friend. Fertility Friend (FF) has a great charting tutorial that pretty much covers everything I am putting in this post and more. If you do make a FF chart please put your ticker and link in your siggy so we can all stalk you!! That makes it easy when you make a post asking a question about your chart. We can just click your ticker or link and see exactly what you are talking about.

I also recommend the book Taking Charge of Your Fertility. It comes with a charting software CD that is similar to FF.

Temping Tips:
Buy a BBT (basal body temperature) thermometer. Make sure it says BBT. Most drugstores carry them and they are usually found with the condoms and HPTs. Occasionally they are with the regular thermometers. The difference between a BBT and a regular thermometer is that a BBT will measure out to two decimal points. This helps to make a chart easier to read because of the small differences in temperatures throughout your cycle.

Begin taking your temperature at the beginning of your cycle. You can start at the end to get you used to doing it every day but it wonít tell you anything about your cycle.

Make sure you take your temp at the same time every day. A difference of no more than a half an hour is acceptable. Set your alarm even when you donít have to get up and take your temp then you can go back to sleep.

Donít move around or get up before temping. Any movement will increase your metabolism and cause your temp to increase. Basically take your temp while you are still half asleep.

Keep a notepad by your bed and record the temp when you take it. Most BBTs will have a last temp recall so you donít have to write it down right then.

Record the temperatures on your chart. Temping does not tell you when you will ovulate but when you see three consistently higher temps you know you have ovulated. You should see a biphasic pattern on your chart. FF will give you red crosshairs to pinpoint the day of O.
Here is an example of an ovulatory chart.


FF charting FAQs

Other Fertility signs:
The main thing to look for during your cycle besides your temp is fertile CM. What you are looking for is any CM that is slippery or stretchy. Watery CM or CM that looks like egg whites is the perfect consistency for spermies to swim to where they need to go. You may see creamy or sticky CM at various points in your cycle but while it is good to take note of it, it isnít considered fertile. Usually you will see a pattern to your CM in a given cycle. It may start out sticky and turn to creamy and then finally EWCM. Once your CM dries up after a day or two of EWCM, you most likely have already ovulated. See chart above. Notice the CM had dried up once O is detected.

Another sign you can check for is cervical position. Your cervix has a patter as well and will change in texture and position during your cycle. When you are fertile your cervix is higher up and the OS (opening of the cervix) is soft, wet, and open. When you are infertile, the cervix is lower and tilted back. The OS is drier and closed.

Ovulation Predictor Kits are a great tool for helping you determine when you will O. Unlike temping, OPKs can tell you BEFORE you O. OPKs test for Lutenizing Hormone. This hormone is present throughout your cycle but surges just before the egg is released. The only problem with OPKs is that they will tell you when LH is surging but that doesnít always mean you will actually O. Only temping will confirm that it was correct. Sometimes your body may gear up to O and surge but not actually follow through and you may have a surge later in your cycle that ends up in an actual O. Many girls with PCOS have surges and get positive OPKs throughout their cycles but it doesnít result in O.

Why should I chart my temperatures?
Charting your temps will help you to determine when and if you ovulate. Charting over a period of cycles will help you to know when you are most likely to O. It can also be taken to a Dr as proof that you do not O and they can prescribe medicine to help you to do so. You may also determine that your LP is shorter than 12 days. This is called a luteal phase defect and will prevent pregnancy because there is not enough time for an egg to implant before menses begins again. Your Dr can help you with meds to lengthen your LP.

Where can I buy supplies, like a BBT or OPKs and HPTs? What kind should I buy? You can get both of these at any chemist or drugstore. BBTs can vary in style. The best seem to be the digital ones and most have a memory recall of the last temp taken, which can be useful. They have glass BBTs as well but most prefer the digital. All brands of OPKs and HPTs test for the same thing and there are many brands to choose from. You can also get ICs or ďinternet cheapiesĒ as we call them online. They work just as well as the store brand OPKs and HPTs. I get mine here. They also sell BBTs.

What is CM? What are the differences between the types of CM? CM is cervical mucous. The main types you will find are creamy, sticky, watery, and eggwhite consistency. Watery and eggwhite CM is considered fertile and when you see them it is the best time to BD!

How do my temps and CM help me know when I ovulate? Your CM will give you a clue as to when you are about to ovulate. When you see any fertile CM (watery or EWCM) you know you should be ovulating within the next few days. Your temps will increase the day after ovulation. When you see three consistently higher temps, you know you have ovulated.

What are the best times to BD to increase my chances of getting pregnant? The best times to BD is just before ovulation. Sperm can live in your tubes for up to 5 days. Once you ovulate, your egg can only live unfertilized for 12-24 hours. BDing after O will most always be too late. Using OPKs and checking CM will help you know when you are fertile, meaning you are getting ready to O. A temp rise will confirm that you did O.

How early can I take a pregnancy test? Most HPTs say you can test up to 5 days before AF is due. When you are charting and you know when you ovulate it is possible to get a positive HPT as early as 8 DPO. However many girls do not get a positive that early. Most girls will get their BFP around 10-12 DPO and some as late as 14-16 DPO. It all depends on when the egg actually implants. The egg will implant anywhere from 7-10 DPO and then the pregnancy hormone, HCG, will begin to increase. It takes a few days after implantation for HCG to be elevated enough in your urine to be detected on an HPT.

What books do you recommend that I read? I recommend TCOYF and doing the charting tutorial on FF. I also have the book called Fertility and Conception by Dr. Karen Trewinnard. I sent a fertility book to Mandy (baby_dreams) in one of our secret sister exchanges and I donít remember the name if itÖmaybe she can help!! I also recommend the site Peeonastick.com It answers a lot of FAQs on HPTs and OPKs

What does Ovulation pain feel like and will I always feel it?? Ovulation pain feels like a dull cramp on one side of your abdomen. It may last a few minutes but usually not much longer. It can also come and go throughout the day. You may or may not feel it and you may feel it one cycle and not another. Ovulation pain can come before, during, or after O so while it is a good indicator of O, you shouldnít use it as a sign to BD since it might come after O as the follicle is shrinking down.

Can my chart tell me if I am pregnant? If you continue taking your temp after your usual LP length and it stays up then you might be pregnant. There is no sure fire way to determine if you are pg by your chart before AF is due. Your temp will most likely look the same as non-pregnancy charts except that it will stay up after AF is due. There are a few signs that may point to pregnancy but they are not always accurate. You may see an implantation dip in your temp. If you get an abnormally low temp around 7-10 DPO then it might be a sign of implantation. Also at around the time of implantation you may see your temps reach another level. This is called a tri-phasic chart and can mean you are pg. Some people have these signs and are not pg so you shouldn't assume you are pg if you have one of these signs but at the same time there is a chance that you are.

**Section 2**Trying to Conceive Abbreviation List**
(PM me with any additions you think of!)
2WW-2 Week wait
AF-Aunt Flo (ie: period)
AFNW-Aunt Flo Not Wanted
AFSA-Aunt Flo Stay Away
BBT-Basal Body Temperature
BD-Baby Dancing
BCP-Birth Control Pills
BFC-Big Fat Congratulations
BFP-Big Fat Positive
BFN-Big Fat Negative
BMS-Baby-making Sex
BTDT-Been There Done That
BUMP-Replying to move the post up for others to see. Bump Up My Post.
CB-Cycle Buddy
CBEFM-Clearblue Easy Fertility Monitor
CD-Cycle Day
CF- Cervical Fluid
CM- Cervical Mucus
CNM-Certified Nurse Midwife
CSR-Chart Stalking Room
D&C-Dilation and Curettege. The surgery after a miscarriage when your body does not properly flush out tissues and cells, to prevent infection.
DBF- Darling Boyfriend
DD-Dear Daughter
DS-Dear Son
DH-Dear Husband
DF-Dear Fiancťe
DI- Donor Insemination
DPO-Days Post Ovulation
EDD-Estimated due date
EPT-Early Pregnancy Test
ET-Embryo Transfer
EWCM-Egg White Cervical Mucus
FF-Fertility Friend
FIL-Father in law
FMU-First Morning Urine
FRER-First Response Early Result (HPT)
FTTA-Fertile Thoughts To All
GL-Good Luck
GP-General Practitioner
GWV-Get Well Vibes
H&H-Healthy & Happy
HCG-Human Chorionic Gonadotropin
HPT-Home Pregnancy Test
HRT-Hormone Replacement Therapy
HTH-Hope That Helps
IC-Internet Cheapie (HPT)
IMO-In my opinion
IPS-Imaginary Pregnancy Symptoms
IUI- Intra-uterine Insemination
IVF- In Vitro Fertilization
KWIM-Know what I mean
LMP-Last Menstrual Period (start date)
LO-Love Olympics (Love Making)
LOL-Laugh Out Loud or Lots Of Love
LMAO-Laughing my *ss off
LH-Hormone detected by the OPK
LP-Luteal Phase
LPD-Luteal Phase Defect
MFI-Male Factor Infertility
MIL-Mother in law
M/S-Morning Sickness
NP-Nurse Practitioner
O-Ovulation. Variants: Oed, Oing
OMG-Oh My God
OT-Off Topic
OPK-Ovulation Predictor Kit
P&PT-Prayer & Positive Thoughts
PI-Primary Infertility
PIAC- Pee In a Cup
PMS-Pre-menstrual Syndrome
POF-Premature Ovarian Failure
POAS-Pee On a Stick
PROM-Premature Rupture of Membranes
PUPO-Pregnant until proven otherwise
PUTB-Pillow Under The Butt
PV-Positive Vibes, pregnancy vibes,
RE-Reproductive Endocrinologist (aka: Fertility Dr.)
ROFLMAO- Rolling On Floor Laughing My *ss Off
RPL-Recurrent Pregnancy Loss
RPS-Real Pregnancy Symptoms
RSA-Recurrent Spontaneous Abortion
SA-Semen Analysis
SI-Secondary Infertility
SMU-Second morning urine
SO-Significant Other
STD-Sexually Transmitted Disease
SV-Sticky Vibes
TMI-Too much info
TPQ-Time Pass Quickly
TTA-Trying To Avoid
TTC-Trying To Conceive
UTI-Urinary Tract Infection
VR-Vasectomy Reversal
W2OW-White Blood Cells
WTG-Way To Go
YI-Yeast Infection

Here is the chart key to nativage you through symbols and everything on FF.


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