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Thing_3 October 14th, 2011 11:56 AM

Newbie to JM
Hello all, I am new to JM. My bf and I recently decided we want to try to have a baby. I'm 39 so I'm not getting any younger and I've never had any children but he has 2. I have been on BCP since I was 17 but stopped taking them in January. At that time I guess I was NTNP and nothing happened. Then last month we discussed it and officially started trying this month. When I got off BCP my AF maintained about 3-4 days and over the last 6 months I have avereaged a 27 day C. Because I was on the pill for so long I was concerned about my ability to get pregnant so I did buy an OPK and according to that day 11 (strongr result) I was O'ing and day 12 was a weaker result. Is it possible to O that long? At any rate, I really do not want to get consumed by it but I'm finding it harder and harder every day.

I wish you all luck!!

Mom2JDub October 14th, 2011 11:59 AM

Re: Newbie to JM
:welcome: I'm Adrienne (32), and DH is William (31), and we're on our fourth cycle of TTC #1. It is really difficult to not get consumed by it, especially when you want it so badly.

As far as your OPK results, since the OPKs only show your surge of LH, they just indicate that you will be O'ing in the next 12-36 (or some say 48) hours. So you can definitely get a + OPK two days in a row.

I wish you the best of luck. Hopefully you'll get your BFP soon. In the meantime, ask any questions, vent, obsess over symptoms, etc. We're all here for each other.

DaniM0820 October 14th, 2011 12:16 PM

Re: Newbie to JM
Hi and welcome! :hiya:

I'm Dani (25) DH is Randy (23) and we've been TTC since August 2010.

That's such great news tha bf is on board with TTC now! :D Also great that your body has had a lot of time to adjust after being on the pill.
You've definitely joined a great board with a fantastic group of ladies! Feel free to ask any questions you may have, nothing is too :tmi: here!

I hope you stay is short and sweet! :)

Mrs.Paradise October 14th, 2011 01:06 PM

Re: Newbie to JM
I :ditto2: with everything Adrienne and Dani said!

:hiya: Im Jessica! :welcome:

I hope your stay here is short and sweet! and it is REALLY HARD not to obsess about everything... lol good luck with that! :lol:

Thing_3 October 14th, 2011 01:17 PM

Re: Newbie to JM
Thanks gals. The concept of actually having a child is something of a big adjustment for me. I was with someone for 15 years and never had one because I knew he wouldn't be a good father (don't mean that in a mean way - just a fact) and he did not want any so I accepted that if I wanted to be with him there would be no children. Now, I've been with my bf almost 2 years and he's ready for a 3rd. I don't know if I'm being selfish in some of my thoughts or if it's just the reality of TTC sinking in. At any rate, I'm glad to have found this site and I look forward to a journey with all of you.

Hope we all have a short stay here.

blueeyes25s October 14th, 2011 06:59 PM

Re: Newbie to JM
Hi and welcome! I'm Dawn (28). The only thing I want to add, if you are not temping to do so. You can use fertility friend and chart for free. Charting will confirm when you O. Good luck and I hope you stay is short and sweet.

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