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SmilingSam May 6th, 2013 04:55 PM

Publix ad
Okay, I'm being bitter. But if you see a Publix ad come on the tv right now, change that crap. Seriously.

1) How cheesey.
2) That's not how it works
3) F*ck you, Publix

There. I feel better.

plan4fate May 6th, 2013 05:30 PM

Re: Publix ad
Oh dear...

We don't have Publix here, so i don't see the ads. Was it really that bad?

SmilingSam May 6th, 2013 05:42 PM

Re: Publix ad
It's a "happy Mother's Day" ad. Enough said.

Nicholle ttc May 6th, 2013 05:43 PM

Re: Publix ad
So sorry. :( We don't have publix.

butterfly721 May 6th, 2013 06:17 PM

Re: Publix ad
I've been known to swear at TV commercials for hpt and/or give the finger. Feel free to do the same. Makes me feel better, even just temporarily.

epsilonbeta May 6th, 2013 06:34 PM

Re: Publix ad
:( Kind of a depressing time

[email protected] May 7th, 2013 04:26 AM

Re: Publix ad
I dont get publix either but I do see clear blue ads, I too often swear at them / give them the finger. I find it works well!

momology May 7th, 2013 06:47 AM

Re: Publix ad
We also don't have Publix here - but there are way too many mothers day commercials on general tv right now. . . I am with yall on the swearing at the tv I also muted it and that made me feel better.

Boolajoojoo May 7th, 2013 10:15 AM

Re: Publix ad
We don't have Publix either, but the Mother's day commercials make me want to throw stuff... I mean... yeah... especially when it's like "Oh blah blah becoming a mom blah blah" and they make it more about the kids and babies and crap than about being thankful for your own mom. I dunno.. *dislike*

Also, how come in HPT commercials, everyone always gets the result they are looking for? Cuz, it does NOT work like that, lol.

ksoblessed May 9th, 2013 11:37 AM

Re: Publix ad
LOL, I love this topic, HAHAHAHAH!!!!!
I'm trying so hard to avoid crying this year.
That's how I feel every time. This is the second time that I miscarry a week before Mother's day. This is my 4th miscarriage.

SmilingSam May 9th, 2013 11:56 AM

Re: Publix ad
I was lurking on a DDC thread and saw "Publix ad <3!" It made me want to barf ;)

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