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ImALittleTeaPot June 1st, 2013 07:32 PM

The Crazies
TWW is giving me the crazies!!!

Seriously, I have so many symptoms and I KNOW I'm over-analyzing them... it's far too early to know anything.

But here's my list and possible reasons for them:

-exhaustion (could be from pregnancy OR the fact that we weeded for like 5 hours yesterday)
-severe back pain, like I can't move or breath without yelping in pain (don't know what's causing this...)
-increased appetite, especially for chocolate and peanut butter (pregnancy OR PMS)
-pinching feeling in my abdomen (????, I thought it might be the start of a UTI, but nothings come of it... so I really don't think that's it.)

I'm a mess today. Thankfully we had nothing going on today and I've been able to just take it easy. Darling DH tried to find a reasonable WW dessert to fulfill my dessert craving, but all he came up with were rice krispy bars -- and while they were good, they just didn't satisfy my craving!

Any other time of the month and I'd just assume all these symptoms on the same day were bad luck. But since it's the TWW... I'm skeptical! I hate it!

girlsofsummer June 1st, 2013 08:51 PM

Re: The Crazies
1) Could back pain also be from weeding? I hope it isn't, but ya know...
2) Chocolate and peanut butter = magical
3) My fingers are super crossed for you!!

SmilingSam June 1st, 2013 09:08 PM

Re: The Crazies
When will you start testing?

ImALittleTeaPot June 1st, 2013 09:50 PM

Re: The Crazies
I thought the back pain might be from weeding too... the only thing that concerns me is that it's in my ribs and so far tylenol and a heating pad haven't helped. :(

I really would like wait until 12 DPO to test. But I'll be lucky to hold out until 10 DPO. And then I'll probably become obsessive and test every day until AF shows or we go to Chicago, whichever comes first...

AnnaBonana June 1st, 2013 10:55 PM

Re: The Crazies
I know the feeling.


Hoping the next days pass quickly for you!

[email protected] June 2nd, 2013 03:36 AM

Re: The Crazies
I too was thinking weeding for the back pain. How are you feeling today?

I usually have a massive appetite from around 6dpo till 10dpo, fluctuations in hormones do it for me. Fingers crossed it's a good sign for you though!

ImALittleTeaPot June 2nd, 2013 10:44 AM

Re: The Crazies
Well, I just feel totally crazy. Today, I'm convinced that all my symptoms are just linked together and have nothing to do with the TWW (except the hunger, I agree with Jen that it's a hormone thing.)

My back hurts again today... it almost feels like I have a fractured rib. Which I don't think it is, that's just what it feels like. The plan: take it easy again today. :)

I had the urge to pee on something this morning so I did, it was negative, which I new it would be. A positive at 6 DPO would have been a miracle! I'm not heartbroken and think it was what I needed to quench the need to POAS until closer to AF! :)

AshleyO June 2nd, 2013 02:55 PM

Re: The Crazies
Go have fun lady! Hopefully you'll get a BFP soon!

momology June 2nd, 2013 03:27 PM

Re: The Crazies
I think the TWW gives us ll a bit of the crazies :) so hard not to analyze everything fx that these are all good signs for you!!!!! Hope you are enjoying your day of taking it easy!


jessicake June 2nd, 2013 06:55 PM

Re: The Crazies
I get the crazies too, one second sure I'm pregnant and then the next sure I'm not! I try to distract myself, but it only works sometimes lol I hope this is your month!

remisue16 June 3rd, 2013 07:34 AM

Re: The Crazies
I think we have all been there. I'm like jessicake, swinging from being certain I am pregnant to being certain I am not. I hope you get your BFP soon and can lay all the uncertainty to rest!!

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