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Boolajoojoo June 20th, 2013 06:58 AM

O/T Need Pet Advice
Hope y'all don't mind me bringing this up here....

I have a 16 year old, medium sized dog. She's just a mongrel terrier mix, about 40 - 45 lbs. I have had her more than half of my life, and I really love her.

She has her good days and bad days, but lately she is having more mediocre days and bad days... but she still manages to go outside and run around like a pup. (For about 5 minutes and then she's tired.)

This week, she has been having accidents in the house at night, on carpet no less. I feed her and give her water at 3 pm just to try to avoid this from happening from feeding too late, DH is home with her all evening. He lets her out to use the bathroom several times in the evening, but she paces and drives him crazy because he doesn't always know what she wants if she's eaten and been outside. She doesn't like to play or get petted very much anymore. Just likes to go outside a few times a day and bark at the birds and chase rabbits that don't exist. I get home at midnight, and wake her up to make sure she goes outside again. So these accidents... I don't know what to do, there was urine and poop this time. I can't kennel her or confine her to any particular area of the house without her being miserable, she has always had free reign, and when we have had to kennel her, she just would whine constantly.

Earlier this year we had a bit of a scare with her having seizures, and then a bladder infection, but those issues were treated and not an issue now. But she also has low kidney function and is on a few different medications, supplements, and also prescription food. We aren't supposed to be restricting water intake, she is supposed to have as much water as she can drink.


Do I add to all of this building maintenance and hassle and put her in diapers... or is it time to say goodbye?

Honest opinions needed. I'm not looking for anyone's approval to "Go ahead and have your baby put down." I just want to know what anyone else would do in this situation, and is there another option I haven't thought of?


girlsofsummer June 20th, 2013 07:29 AM

Re: O/T Need Pet Advice
First, let me say I'm so sorry that you have to make this decision. My dogs are my kids, and I can't imagine having to make that decision right now.

Have you consulted her vet since the accidents have started? Restricting water may not be good for her, I mean I know she is having accidents, but not giving her enough to drink considering her health issues could affect her health in other ways.

Diapers are an option, but if I were you I think I'd talk to a vet first, b/c it could be a sign that something else is going on, or her time is coming. But it's good that she's still playing a little bit and running around.

Praying that you have strength to get through this. I hope your doggie has time left :)

ArmyWife28 June 20th, 2013 07:34 AM

Re: O/T Need Pet Advice
Here's my opinion, I have 3 other dogs, everything she's doing is NORMAL at her age. You have to understand she's a senior (116yrs old in dog years) now and it's takes more to take care of her. It's just like us when we get older, we will need more care than someone who is 25yrs old.

For example I have a 10yr old weinie dog, she gets winded easy, barks at things that don't exist, loss of vision, and in the morning I have to keep her in the bed until were ready to go outside because the second she hits the floor she will have an accident, she can't hold it too long.

Here's my thing if my dog is in agony I will put him/her down, I wouldn't keep them alive for my own selfish reasons and let them be in pain.

Now with that being said it just sounds like she can't hold her bladder as long which is common in older dogs, me personally I wouldn't put mine (Bowie) down until she had something imparing her for moving and being in pain everyday, but this is your choice and no one can make that decision but you.

Boolajoojoo June 20th, 2013 07:44 AM

Re: O/T Need Pet Advice
Sorry, that wasn't clear with the water, we definitely aren't restricting water. You know how dogs are though, at least mine, she'll drink the most when you first set it out, so just trying to make sure she gets fresh water earlier in the day and not drink a bunch later in the evening. There's still always water in her bowl, but she doesn't drink as much when it gets down to room temp.

My vet is pretty good and if I catch a sample coming out of her in a cup I can take it in and they'll test it without having to go through the whole ordeal of taking her down there and forcibly collecting a sample... but they take a few days getting back with results... :\

I can't collect blood at home though.

She's sleeping now, guess she doesn't need to use the bathroom.

jessicake June 20th, 2013 08:07 AM

Re: O/T Need Pet Advice
I'm so sorry your poor girl is having a tough time :( It's so hard when they age. I agree with the others, definitely talk to a vet first. And yes, as they age they become more work to take care of. But if she's happy and not in pain, I personally wouldn't put her down just yet.

Boolajoojoo June 20th, 2013 08:10 AM

Re: O/T Need Pet Advice

Originally Posted by ArmyWife28 (Post 27462601)
Here's my opinion, I have 3 other dogs, everything she's doing is NORMAL at her age. You have to understand she's a senior (116yrs old in dog years) now and it's takes more to take care of her. It's just like us when we get older, we will need more care than someone who is 25yrs old.

I hear ya.

She's pretty much stone deaf, and her eyes are cloudy but she sees well enough to get around.

I don't want to have her put down because you are right, she's not in obvious pain. Sometimes she might fall and not be able to get up right away, or just have some days where she's feeling arthritic and just sleeps, but for the most part she's really spry. What can you do, realistically, for the incontinence in a dog?

I just have this fear that I might be hanging on too hard, and that I won't be able to see it when it's really time. I think that the time is probably approaching and I don't know how to know... you know? I don't think today is it, and it might not be this week or this month, but DH and I are very skeptical she will make it through another winter...

And what will I do when I go back on days and DH and I are both gone for 12 hours at a time... :\

Not being able to go on vacations, or even overnight trips... not a big deal. But if I'm not able to go to my job...

Sorry for the rambling ranting ... yeah...

momology June 20th, 2013 08:12 AM

Re: O/T Need Pet Advice
I am so sorry that is so hard to deal with. I just now got my first pet so I cant offer any advice I just wanted to stop in and give you a hug! :hug:

ArmyWife28 June 20th, 2013 08:40 AM

Re: O/T Need Pet Advice
I'am so sorry your going through this, I know you aren't sure she can make it through another winter but you never know, and like I said before this is your decision it's no one elses. One of the Psychologist I work with has to put down her 14yr old Lab pretty soon because she a football size tumor (benign) on her lung, they don't want to do surgery because it's too much risk and with her age she would have a hard time recovering..And honestly Bowie is just like your dog she has these issues but she gets around fime, and she sometimes plays with the new puppy we have. I always say he keeps her young :)

But I understand where you are coming from Bowie is like my child I've had her for 10yrs, and I hate seeing that her vision is getting worse, she gaining weight, and her sight is getting bad.

KellJoO June 20th, 2013 09:01 AM

Re: O/T Need Pet Advice
This might be totally off base, but what are you feeding her?? Are her accidents just regular "poop" or is it diarrhea?

There are a TON of dog food recalls right now. I made the choice a few years ago to quit feeding processed kibble because of all the recalls & health issues they were causing. I feed a raw diet to my two dogs and have for about the last 4 years. That way I know EXACTLY what is going into their bodies and I dont have to worry about all the recalls!

First and foremost, I would call the vet and inform them of what is going on. See what they suggest. To me, it just sounds like she is getting older and needs more attention like others mentioned. And as long as she can still do everything she loves, its not time yet. They say, when they can no longer do the things they love most, its time to say goodbye. When life is more of a burden then anything. And she doesn't sound that way- she sounds like she's still full of Pi$$ & vinegar yet! :)

I'll be curious to hear what you're feeding her, and if you are interested, or anyone else is interested in learning more about raw I'd be happy to help. Its so much less taxing on their bodies and soooo much better than kibble.

Best of luck to her.

SmilingSam June 20th, 2013 09:16 AM

Re: O/T Need Pet Advice
It definitely sounds like your dog is aging. And a side effect of aging can be incontinence (sp?).

What you are describing reminds me of something that happened with my neighbor's cat. Pierre had always been a good, but very fat, cat. One night I was babysitting and noticed that a paticular blanket smelled like cat pee. So I told the owner when she got home. Then the owner told me she was finding that he was peeing in a corner of the apartment and on other inappropriate places. For a while she was scolding the cat, who seemed to be sulking. She finally brought Pierre to the vet and it turns out he had some tumors. Actually it was pretty advanced and they had to put him down rather suddenly.

I echo everyone else that it might be worth a trip to the vet. My dogs have had a their fair share of UTIs. Hopefully it is nothing serious and you guys can find a way to help cope with this new behavior.

Ariw June 20th, 2013 09:30 AM

Re: O/T Need Pet Advice
So sorry to hear about your pup
ditto about going to the vet, I would definitely consult with them and see what they make of the situation.
One of mine is starting to age to..she is only 6 but is mastiff and lab mix so has really bad joints from both sides and is having trouble getting on the couch and really stiff when she gets up...Im just seeing it coming
I hope everything turns out ok and you figure it out

Cait&AngelAbove June 20th, 2013 10:09 AM

Re: O/T Need Pet Advice
I'm so sorry about your dog. I hope the very can help you make a decision. I would consider the diapers.

plan4fate June 20th, 2013 11:55 AM

Re: O/T Need Pet Advice

A vet trip is definitely in order. And diapers are certainly an option if you don't/can't kennel her. I know they can get a bit messy, but if the options are diapers or putting her down, it seems like a small inconvenience. :)

Good luck sweetie.

Boolajoojoo June 20th, 2013 12:26 PM

Re: O/T Need Pet Advice
Thanks everyone for siding with trying to keep her around and trying to diagnose the cause. I have friends who say that they would never put as much money into their pets as I have. Especially not a mutt...o.O when puppies are free... or whatever. I didn't mention to you ladies the ordeal a few years back where my dog was attacked by another dog, and had to have surgery... and then a few months later she had to have surgery again to remove a tumor on her throat...I got so many comments from people that they wouldn't have bothered. I wish people wouldn't get pets if they aren't prepared for the expense of keeping them healthy.

Anyhow, I got some puppy training pads that supposedly have an attractant in them to put down tonight, and hopefully if she has the urge, she'll choose to go on the pads.

Tomorrow I'm going to take her to one of the vets that is right up the road, instead of putting her through the ordeal of going to the one by our old house. She's not acting the way she did when she had the bladder infection, she's acting completely normal aside from the accidents... but it may just be really early. *sigh*

AnnaBonana June 20th, 2013 02:39 PM

Re: O/T Need Pet Advice
Oh honey!

I have a thirteen year old Beagle, so maybe I can give you hope! Dixie did this last year.... Just started having diarrhea accidents. Sometimes urine and feces. I e had her since I was sixteen and I LOVE her so much!

I had the vet look her over and do blood and stool samples.... She was fine, so it was unexplained. She was able to use these big garbage bag sized feed bags that I put down. So, over night, I would put down 3-4 of these and she would go on them.

Then I altered her diet. She eats 3/4 cup of senior kibble a day and I replaced it with this:

1/4 cup ground beef
1/4 cup white rice
1/4 cup baby rice pablum
3 tbsp of pure pumpkin purée. (I buy this in the pie section of the store, but read the ingredients to make sure it only has pumpkin, no sugar etc added)

Making it is a pain in the butt! But I give it to her every time she has one of these diarrhea spells and it straightens her right out. It just seems to happen every so often. I usually make a huge batch and store it in the freezer in ready made servings for her to eat. Thaw out a couple days worth at a time, and add warm water so that it is the consistency of porridge.

I love my beagle so much! I know her day will come, but until that time, I'm willing to do a lot to keep her with me. Good luck and keep us posted. I hope you're ok! ((Hugs))

[email protected] June 21st, 2013 04:03 PM

Re: O/T Need Pet Advice
Did you end up going to the vets today? I hope it went ok :hug:

Boolajoojoo June 21st, 2013 06:23 PM

Re: O/T Need Pet Advice

Originally Posted by [email protected] (Post 27466844)
Did you end up going to the vets today? I hope it went ok :hug:

No... :( I'm a bad mom. I should have called to make an appointment when I was thinking about it yesterday. They didn't have any openings... but they are open tomorrow so we are going first thing in the morning. She was completely normal today, and no accidents over night. The training pad was untouched so maybe the last few days were flukes, but it won't be a wasted trip, she is due for her shots in a couple weeks anyhow, they can just do them now..

Thanks for checking. We will get it figured out hopefully.

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