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ohfiddleheads July 19th, 2011 10:42 AM

The midwife debate
My spouse and I are TTC, so I'm not yet pregnant, but I'm already dead set on having a midwife instead of an OB guide me through my pregnancy and deliver my (future) baby. I'm talking to a friend who has already had a son and she keeps telling me that I shouldn't make this decision just yet, that I might change my mind, etc. Am I wrong to have decided what kind of health care provider I want before I'm even pregnant. In my mind it makes sense to have this sorted out now so that when I get pregnant I can go to the midwifery right away. I've done some research and in my opinion midwives are just like an OB only better because they empower the mother to be, guide, assist and actually invest time in her. I'm even considering a home birth, which they can do, because I'm not particularly fond of hospitals and it's all about being as comfortable as possible during labor, right? Are there other ladies out there who have already used a midwife, or have already decided to use one?

muffin July 19th, 2011 11:06 AM

Re: The midwife debate
I'm going to partially agree with your friend here. I very much wanted to have a midiwfe even before I was PG with DD. Due to my work situation, I had to be followed by an OB for the first part of my pregnancy and switched to a midwife later on. I was all excited to have my natural at home labour, but I ended up with pre-eclampsia and HELLP and had to be induced. I was transferred to an OB as soon as I arrived at the hospital and my midwife was useless. It was somebody that I didn't know or trust and my "wonderful midwife" didn't come back until I was being wheeled into surgery against my will. I wish every day that I would have been able to stay with my original OB.

Long story short, just like some people are freaked out by the idea of midwives, don't be freaked out by doctors either. There are good and bad on both sides of the field. I think it's great that you know what you want though! (I myself am hoping for a HBAC with a competent midwife next time around) Yes, do your research now, before you're pregnant. Midwives (the good ones anyways) book up quickly! Find somebody you like and are comfortable with. And hey, if your friend is right and you change your mind later on, so be it! Until that baby is crowning, you are still able to change what you want ;)

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