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chachartier January 3rd, 2013 11:30 AM

lots of questions!
Good afternoon ladies! I did a lot of research about charting and BBT, CM and stuff before AF returned postpartum, but now that it is here, I am realizing that I have questions that I didn't realize I had before... Ok the first question is really embarrassing so I'm sorry if it grosses people out...

1.) :tmi: Sometimes I have a hard time discerning CM from "stuff" that is still in there from BD the night before... does anyone else have this issue? Am I just weird?
2.) How long do you all have EWCM before you ovulate? When I first noticed the return of CM, which indicated that AF would be soon returning, I started charting and there were many days in a row that I had EWCM but I did not believe I was actually ovulating yet so I didn't waste OPKs and I had temps all over the place, which I assume was from getting up to nurse multiple times per night. Now, I have negative OPKs but I notice what I believe is EWCM (as opposed to "stuff") so I'm getting all excited that I'm about to ovulate but I don't know if that is necessarily true...
3.) Related to the above, I can totally understand stressing about the TWW and trying to pass the time, but does anyone out there also stress about waiting for ovulation day?? I see some people O on CD9, 10, 11 etc. but I'm on CD10 and keep staring at the OPKs waiting for that dark line... almost as exciting as when I got my BFP with #1!
4.) How long prior to ovulating do you all get ovulation pain? I thought I felt a little something yesterday and then definitely felt something today... but I have never paid attention to ovulation pain before, and I'm not even sure what it is... so on another note, can people describe what they feel personally??
5.) I just realized today when I decided to try and feel my cervix that I haven't reached up there since I was pregnant... and before I was pregnant I remember always having a hard time discerning what was what up there so I didn't even consider using cervical position as part of my charting, but today I could DEFINITELY tell where my cervix was (probably due to loads of info from my Bradley Method classes) and that is where I located some EWCM. How do others chart their cervix position? How do you know what is high vs low or soft vs firm or is this something I will just have to compare to myself throughout my cycle phases?

I know I have a million more questions but lets just start with that!!! I have resumed charting since AF returned and I am trying to find my notepad where I recorded temps prior to giving up so I can put them in FF but for now I only have two temps, today 97.58 and two days ago 97.70. Again, CD10. I know it is a lot to ask but if anyone can provide input on any of the questions, even if not all of them, I would very much appreciate it!

BenzBella January 3rd, 2013 11:38 AM

Re: lots of questions!
1. I give up checking CM after BD, I just aim for CP.
2. I am not a lucky person in that department, I have EWCM days before (CD8) and nothing during OT.
3. No help, I O pretty much right on time, but I haven't temped for a while so who knows. I'll be starting that back up when AF shows this month.
4. No O pains for me!
5. CP is something you have to kind of figure out. High and soft is about the softness of your lips. Low and hard is about the harness of the tip of your nose. I had no idea what I was doing up there for a while, just kind of started to figure it out as the months went by. I'm sure I was a sight in the bathroom/shower!!

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