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xbubblesgop0px March 20th, 2013 03:07 PM

Cd 1 or not?
Okay so I usually start on the 20th of the month. Not every cycle, but some cycles I spot or (tmi alert) have a brown discharge. So is that considered cd 1 or not? Still haven't seen a sign of Aunt Flo so still waiting! I know she'll show as we haven't been preventing pregnancy but haven't really been "trying".

blakesgirl09 March 20th, 2013 03:10 PM

Re: Cd 1 or not?
CD1 is the first day of full RED flow, I don't think spotting counts unless it turns into full flow.

xbubblesgop0px March 20th, 2013 03:14 PM

Re: Cd 1 or not?
Hmm interesting to know! If it is brown discharge not just spots is it still considered spotting?

bella88 March 20th, 2013 03:14 PM

Re: Cd 1 or not?
If you haven't been preventing there is still plenty of chance. Don't have to try to get pregnant ;) :P
It would still be considered spotting then, yeah.

xbubblesgop0px March 20th, 2013 03:17 PM

Re: Cd 1 or not?
Well I guess that's a good point but I really don't feel pregnant! The only thing is tender bbs but thts normal for me a week or so before Aunt Flo.

MommaLove13 March 20th, 2013 03:18 PM

Re: Cd 1 or not?
CD 1 is when you have first red flow, and need a pad or tampon :)

xbubblesgop0px March 20th, 2013 03:22 PM

Re: Cd 1 or not?

cutenurse24 March 20th, 2013 04:27 PM

Re: Cd 1 or not?
I agree with what the other ladies told you. Fingers crossed for you!!!

xbubblesgop0px March 20th, 2013 04:32 PM

Re: Cd 1 or not?
Thanks much,cutenurse! I'm not convinced that its just going to be that easy! Either way I will ok I would definately be happy to have our rainbow baby but I'm definately willing to work at it!!!

xbubblesgop0px March 21st, 2013 05:58 AM

Re: Cd 1 or not?
Still no Aunt Flo but it feels as if she'll be here soon! Although,she always comes on the 20th of each month could she be later because feburary only had 28 days???

victoria0294 March 21st, 2013 07:39 AM

Re: Cd 1 or not?
I would think it would be 2 days later since Feb was a short month. I'd guess AF would come on the 22nd for you. I never go by dates because not every month is the same length of time, so I go by cycle days. Good luck:D

blakesgirl09 March 21st, 2013 07:40 AM

Re: Cd 1 or not?
Mine never shows the same day either, it's always 28-30 days after the first day of my last period.

xbubblesgop0px March 21st, 2013 07:56 AM

Re: Cd 1 or not?
Yeah the spotting has begun so I guess it isn't considered cd 1 et but it's beginning!!!

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