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KayM April 6th, 2013 04:31 AM

Worst Saturday ever...
It's supposed to be a beautiful sunny warm day today, but I have strep throat. Ugh it is so uncomfortable, I'm in a lot of pain. Trying to be patient while the antibiotics kick in.

Plus today is CD1. Now, I'm sad I'm not pregnant and I won't get my Christmas rainbow baby :( , but it's also exactly 14 dpo so I know I have a normal LP. Now I just need to move my O date up from cd30 to the teens at least.

So since I got my period exactly 14 days after my positive OPK (I don't temp) does that mean I O'd for sure?

bella88 April 6th, 2013 05:17 AM

Re: Worst Saturday ever...
Sorry that you got AF :(. It does sound like you O'd right around where you go your positive OPK though so that's always a good thing :).

Jibby April 6th, 2013 02:02 PM

Re: Worst Saturday ever...
Strep is AWFUL!!! Get some throat coat tea an rest! Just think...at least your baby wont have their birthday lumped in with Christmas! And being pregnant during the holidays seems like it would be fun!

cutenurse24 April 7th, 2013 03:45 PM

Re: Worst Saturday ever...
I am sorry that you are sick and that AF came :( I am really hoping that this is your cycle you get your bfp!!! Are you doing anything different this cycle??

KayM April 7th, 2013 06:20 PM

Re: Worst Saturday ever...
Thanks. Strep really is the worst. I've finally been able to eat something after two days. I couldn't even swallow water yesterday. Had to cancel my bloodwork because I was so ill. Hope I can reschedule that for this week.

I'm not going to do the soy this month, just going to continue to OPK and use pre-seed and pray. Going to try not to stress it and make such a big fuss about ttc and hope my body will relax.

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