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lookingupxo May 6th, 2013 04:47 PM

Help! My APP is confusing!
Hi everyone,

So the app that I use on my phone is OvuView, which overall I think it is useful for logging info but I really don't quite understand what's up with it.

Here is some basic info: March 17 started AF, it lasted for 6 days (last being spotting). The app tells me that I was fertile from the 23 (day after AF ended) until the 4th of April. Okay so then, April 14 I get my AF (exactly 28 days later) and again lasts for 6 days (last being spotting). Again, it goes on to tell me that I am fertile from day after until 2nd of May, with my ovulation day being the 27. I am supposed to get AF this Sunday.

Why is it giving me such a large fertile window? Another thing, I stopped tracking CM because it just kept changing everything and making it even more confusing- I put watery CM on the day after AF ended (which it was) and it would change my fertile window, ovulation day, everything... and each CM I would track it would just keep making changes until I gave up on that.

I have some questions- I frequently feel like I get EWCM, like probably 5 days a month. How am I supposed to track CM? In AM or PM? It changes through the day sometimes! I can't temp b/c I don't have a BBT but I would really like to figure out what is going on in my cycle. I mean the app is always changing. I have a bunch of info (stuff Ive been tracking)- but nothing to do with it!

How do I figure out when I ovulate? or when my luteal phase is? Or anything!

I feel like I should take a class on this LOL

Orangebrittainy May 6th, 2013 05:45 PM

Re: Help! My APP is confusing!
First of all a BBT is around $10-15 I really recommend you get one because its the ONLY way to know for sure when you ovulate. My guess is that because you don't temp, the app is giving you a wide fertility window to help make sure you time it right. You can check your fluids anytime and multiple times, You plug in the most fertile CM for each day. It is normal to have several patches of EWCM throughout your cycle.

Also I recommend the Fertility Friend App

WaitinginNJ May 6th, 2013 06:21 PM

Re: Help! My APP is confusing!
I need a class too lol

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