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cutenurse24 May 10th, 2013 11:57 AM

Thanks Goodness It's Friday
Hello Ladies!!!

Thanks goodness it is Friday!!! Any special plans for the weekend??? Doing anything special for the special lady if your life whether it is your mom or someone who is like a mom to you??

We don't have any great or exciting plans. I work all weekend long :P But DS did make these super cute cards for his grandmas and great grandmas. We did see a newborn baby gazelle at the zoo yesterday, it was only 30min old when we saw it. DS and I along with the other mom and her kids we were with were in total awe when we watched it get up and move around a bit. So cool!!!!

Front of the Card (made with his finger prints)


Back of the Card


hopeful_girl55 May 10th, 2013 12:07 PM

Re: Thanks Goodness It's Friday
That is the cutest thing ever. Sucks that you have to work though. You should tell hubby to make a nice dinner for you :)

OMG baby gazelle. Please tell me you have pictures. That had to have been the most amazing thing ever. Just 30 min old.

cutenurse24 May 10th, 2013 09:57 PM

Re: Thanks Goodness It's Friday
I have one really fuzzy picture that you can't really tell it is an actual baby gazelle. I will have to see if my friend Julie can send me the pic she took with her awesome phone.

Hope2Be13 May 11th, 2013 12:05 AM

Re: Thanks Goodness It's Friday
Happy Mother's Day! I'm at work too... And I work Saturday night :( I hope you have a calm, uneventful weekend at the hospital! So far, so good here haha

Seaweed May 12th, 2013 06:55 AM

Re: Thanks Goodness It's Friday
Hello! I was super busy, so this is a delayed reply, but I literally didn't turn on the computer for a few days! :-) Trying to catch up now. We had a crazy night out yesterday for a mate's birthday. It was great. I think I needed a good night out like this, it helped me relax from all the ttc stress. Last time we had a proper crazy, drunk night out as a group like that was new year's!!! AAAGGEEES! We returned home at 5 in the morning and stayed over our mates's house as they live almost next door to the club! We had to get up at 8 to leave though as we had to take my father in law to cambridge at 9 o clock. His car has broken down and he needed a lift for work. Massive hangover but it was an awesome night with awesome people. As for mother's day, I can not do anything for my mum as she is too far away, she is in greece and I am in england. And we can't do anything for my mother in law either because mother's day for the uk is a different date (in march). So we will just sit and chill for the rest of the day. We need it after last night's madness and we have long shifts at work tomorrow. Will post some pics from last night! :-) Can't wait for thursday, we are going to the doc's with DH for some advice, I am excited. Also my sis in law has asked me if I can teach her youngest daughter the piano, she is only 6. I will be having her every friday, on my day off for lessons in my house! :-) Take care everyone!

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