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HotMama496 May 23rd, 2013 07:37 AM

I have been trying to conceive for a good part of 1 1/2 years...Every month I get exited and then BLAM! AF Shows up...(AF= Aunt Flow) Now this month I have been getting symptoms I usually never get...I feel more full then usual. I can only eat a little before I become really full and like want to go to the bathroom and puck...Every like hour I have to pee. And its 2 days before my missed period and im already having cramps? That's not usual for me. I went to a free clinic called "Life Choice" and they gave me a free pregnancy test and it showed up BFN (Big Fat Negative) I know its still early but if AF does not show then I am going back in a week or two to get another testing done. Does any one have the same feeling I Do!? Oh and my lover doesn't believe when I say im pregnant because I got so many negatives! :cry::cry: He then rubbed it in my face when I told him I got a BFN... :( :mad:

babygirlbaby May 23rd, 2013 08:09 AM

Re: TTC and BFN
That seems incredibly cruel that your SO would rub it in your face that you got another bfn....does he want a baby? I would freak if my DH did that to me. He may not feel quite as upset when I get bfn as I do, but he is definitely sensitive towards me and my feelings. Wow.

I hope you get your bfp this month. What kind of test do they give you at the clinic? I'm wondering what the sensitivity of it is. Could you go out and by a frer?

hopeful_girl55 May 23rd, 2013 08:19 AM

Re: TTC and BFN
:ditto: to everything she said! :)

Gamer_Princess May 23rd, 2013 09:12 AM

Re: TTC and BFN
Honestly clinic tests are less sensitive so I would use a FRER or answer brand at home :) I am sorry your SO is being mean :(

sareymac May 23rd, 2013 09:32 AM

Re: TTC and BFN
I'm sorry. I am so sorry that your SO is so mean about it. that is just awful!

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