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liz86 June 17th, 2013 12:34 AM

Going for number 3- New test, new results!
Hello my name is Liz and I have two beautiful children! Recently my hubby and I have decided to have number 3. It barely took any effort to get pregnant with my last two, longest it took was 1 month with my second child to conceive him. However, after having my son my body went from a VERY regular 28 day period cycle (would ovulate 1 week after period) to now ranging anywhere from 30 to 33 days. In fact it wasn't until April I started tracking my cycle (before I didn't because we weren't trying). I only knew when I was going to start my period by the cramps.. they would get really strong and intense with in less than a day and I would know I was going to start. April 27th was the first day of my period which lasted about 5 days (first two days being heavy bleeding, last days really light). I then had my period again on May 30th (first day) and again lasted about 5 days. I downloaded a period/ovulation calculator and it says I should ovulate the 16th of June but that my fertile week was just this last week from: June 11th to June 16th (according to my calculator it says I'm supposed to start my period again July 2nd). My husband and I had sex June 11th, 13th and the 16th.. however on the 16th it was really sensitive, like my cervix normally doesn't bother me one bit but tonight it was like hitting a nerve! Could that be from me about to or have ovulated? The biggest problem I'm having is going from a set 28 day cycle to now 30+ and not really knowing when I'm ovulating. Are those calendars pretty close? I've tried other ones and they all say the same thing.

inyourhonor June 17th, 2013 06:24 AM

Re: Going for number 3
Welcome! This group is wonderful.

I also never really had issues conceiving. My 2nd (the one we officially tried for minus charting) was about 6 months. My cycles have bounced around since having my first son. Having an IUD is the only way they seemed to be semi-normal. Now after I've had it out, I'm regulating and it seems to be a normal 28 day cycle almost.

I would suggest Fertility Friend. I love it! I do temp though and I started charting/temping when we decided to try for number 4. I wanted a good handle on my body, when I'd ovulate, seeing the signs of ovulation about to occur, etc.

I don't know about the pain in your cervix. I get it from time to time, but never paid attention to where I'm at in my cycle when it happened.

Could you pick up some OPKs? I haven't ever used them but I know a lot of ladies here do. Hopefully someone else will have a bit more helpful info for you!

liz86 June 18th, 2013 10:30 AM

Re: Going for number 3
Thanks! Well my hubby doesn't want to do any ovulation test etc.. wants to keep it fun and knowing when I ovulate etc kind of freaks him out LOL :p

Those calendars are so confusing, some say on a 33 days cycle I should ovulate today while another one says I ovulated sunday... I've been going by cervical mucus and up until today I was pretty much dry. I would have a small wet spot or that lotion like mucus here and there but today I had the most mucus (actually had to run to the bathroom).. it was wet for sure.. no lotion like stuff.. so I'm assuming I might actually ovulate today? I normally get cramps on whatever side I'm ovulating on but I've had light cramps since last week (way too early to have before period) and been having an increase of headaches and recently my sex drive has dropped wwwaayyy down (before this last weekend I was really in the "mood"). We had sex on Sunday so I'm assuming we probably should again tonight just incase.

MommaLove13 June 18th, 2013 10:39 AM

Re: Going for number 3
Welcome!! The apps on your phone are not accurate at all. Even someone with a normal 28 day cycle you have NO idea when you ovulate unless you chart temps to see what it happened. I suggest you looking into charting temps just to see when you ovulate.

liz86 June 18th, 2013 11:05 AM

Re: Going for number 3
I actually don't have a thermometer at the moment, it broke just recently and haven't replaced it yet. :-P Yes I was wondering about those silly apps, never used them before. I guess right now I'm going by mucus, today I've noticed a LOT more of it.. hopefully by having sex every other day it'll do the job!

babygirlbaby June 18th, 2013 11:16 AM

Re: Going for number 3
Welcome and good luck! I didn't have troubles conceiving my first 2, but am now on cycle 5 TTC #3. I use a calendar on my phone to somewhat track my cycles, but DH and i just bd as much as possible.

*Jen* June 18th, 2013 11:41 AM

Re: Going for number 3
Welcome! I hope your stay here is short. :smile:

liz86 June 18th, 2013 11:57 AM

Re: Going for number 3
Thanks! I'm hoping for the same thing! Ugh I have 1 1/2 to 2 weeks until I can test :-P Wait is going to stink lol!

inyourhonor June 18th, 2013 03:43 PM

Re: Going for number 3
I got my BBT at CVS (their brand) for 9.99. I believe they can go up to 11.99 there. I only use the fertility friend app on my phone and computer. I temp and then enter it in the morning. I decided to not do OPK's also, mainly for the same reason. I figure temping gives me a better idea of when I should and we just aim for that time frame :)

Gamer_Princess June 18th, 2013 03:53 PM

Re: Going for number 3
I agree if you are going based on CM only then I would literally just DTD as much as possible when you have watery or EWCM. I did not start temping till Jan of this year and got lucky my first month to have it end as a chemical pregnancy and then again in April as an early miscarriage. It really helped me see that even though my normal 28-32 day periods are normal i still O at different times :)

I like the DTD every other day until expected period then testing after being a day late :) KEEP US POSTED! :)

mom2ariana June 18th, 2013 07:01 PM

Re: Going for number 3
Welcome! Our first daughter was an oopsie and we are TTC #2, so I am hoping that we don't have any trouble again. :) I use an app on my phone more than FF, mainly because A) it's more accessible and B) I understand it a lot better. I have a 28 day cycle on the nose, and according to my app, I O on day 14. The key to predicting O is to count backwards 14 days from your next expected period, which is why it's so hard to predict O. :) I like my app because it is strictly data entry and doesn't tell me anything other than my fertile window based on my cycle length. FF actually gives you "crosshairs" that tell you when it thinks you ovulated. So the app I rely on requires a lot more human thinking, but I like that because I just want a good place to keep information that I can revert back to, not so much something that requires SO much maintenance. A lot of women on here have success temping and using OPK's. Personally, I don't think either is my thing. I just quit using OPK's this cycle because of the stress they were causing, and I'm not sure about temping. I feel it would cause me stress and I would have trouble fitting it into my schedule, so I'm not sold on the idea. But for others it works fantastic!! It just depends on the woman. I hope you get your BFP soon!! And I agree that this forum seriously has the most amazing women :)

liz86 June 18th, 2013 11:45 PM

Re: Going for number 3
Thanks everyone! ^_^

Today I noticed a big increase (the most this month) in my mucus (sorry TMI lol), really watery this time (mucus before today was the sticky, white/lotion like stuff). My hubby and I baby danced tonight just incase I did ovulate! He's been on a special project at work which is 10 hr days and saturdays so I think we are done for the rest of the week, poor guy is just exhausted lol. Last time with our two kids I'm pretty sure I would ovulate mid cycle so like middle of the month which for this month was June 11-18th. With all those calenders etc the dates for ovulation ranged from the 9th to today so we've baby danced during those dates, hopefully we did it enough. Only concern is if I ovulated before the 11th but I highly doubt it as I didn't get off my period until June 4th and it started on May 27th. With my other two kids I was able to feel early pregnancy symptoms with in a week before my missed period so here's crossing my fingers!!! :D I will for sure keep everyone updated!

So I was just reading up on the different types of mucus and what it means up until today I had tacky, sticky, lotion white mucus but today it was: wet, slippery, clear, thin, fluid etc so now I'm pretty darn convinced I did ovulate today!! ^_^ Here's the website I got my info on just incase anyone else wants to take a peak:

Cervical Mucus, Ovulation and Your Fertile Period

liz86 June 20th, 2013 11:15 PM

Re: Going for number 3
I HATE waiting until I can test! According to those silly period apps I'm "supposed" to start my period July 2nd but honestly my body could have planned on starting a couple days sooner knowing how my body has been. Which possibly means I could have gotten pregnant last week. I've been having light cramping, bloating and headaches that come and go all day no matter how much water I drink etc, I've also noticed an increase in my hunger, normally I have light snacks during the day (I'm stay at home mom) abut now by the time dinner rolls around I'm starving.. it's for sure something new, wasn't like that before, I wouldn't get this hungry. I always felt early symptoms with my other two pregnancies before I had my missed period. All I want to do right now is run out and get pregnancy test lol Actually I am tomorrow because it's pay day but I have to be VERY good and try not to take them too early. I'm headed to my best friends house for a long 4 day girls weekend so I'm really hoping that'll keep me busy and not think about it.. ugh I just hate this waiting period!!:mad:

liz86 June 26th, 2013 10:52 PM

Re: Going for number 3
just got back from my girls weekend and that was a blast, helped pass time for me. ^_^ I'm going to test tomorrow because I have no idea if my body intended this month to be a normal 28 day cycle and since it's always been 28 days (except after baby #2) I'm going to test tomorrow as that would be 1st day of period. I have four test so I'm testing tomorrow then this following Friday and if those are negative and still no period then I'll test July 3rd (according to my last cycle which was 33 days long, not a norm for me, I "should" start period July 2nd "if" I'm on a 33 day cycle this month).. then I have one more test I can use if still negative by then. I have been a lot more tired lately, cramps that are sharp (like the kind I had with 1st two pregnancies) and peeing like crazy along with headaches (also a normal pregnancy symptom for me). Gosh you would think after having 2 kids that this stuff would be easier but it never is lol

aStarIsBorn June 27th, 2013 09:09 AM

Re: Going for number 3
i hear you. im dying to test- today is 7dpo and im trying to hold out till sunday but may break down and test tomorrow. I am over analyzing every single cramp and twinge. yayyy for the 2ww!

liz86 June 27th, 2013 05:12 PM

Re: Going for number 3
yes I'm with you there! I keep looking into every symptom! Ok so I tested today, I attached a picture from an EPT test. I took the strip out but you can see the very light blue positive line or is just me? Would this be considered a positive? Pic was taken after 10min of test but it was there before the 10 min mark. The negative line of the "plus" sign was it's self very light. I am going to retest tomorrow morning.

Pic taken with cell phone in natural light, no editing either.


Melissadd June 27th, 2013 05:42 PM

Re: Going for number 3- EPT test pic up!
I hear blue dye test are not very reliable...not sure if it is just my computer screen but the line looks more of a grey color to be..what does it look like irl? I would back that up with a frer or pink dye test. Fx crossed this is it for you.

liz86 June 27th, 2013 05:47 PM

Re: Going for number 3- EPT test pic up!
It is blue for sure. I did also get a very very faint pink line on an first response test done a few hours later. I don't know why, but I have had better luck with the EPT tests lol But I am going to test tomorrow. I have a LOT more mucus and breast are getting pains in them today. Here's hoping!

Melissadd June 27th, 2013 06:12 PM

Re: Going for number 3- EPT test pic up!
Do you have a pic of the frer? How many dpo are you? Sending loads of :dust::dust::dust: your way.

liz86 June 27th, 2013 06:30 PM

Re: Going for number 3- EPT test pic up!
Here are pics of the first response. I'm not sure as my cycle last month was 33 days long instead of the normal 28 day cycle so I have no idea if this month was supposed to be a 28 day cycle (if so today is first day of period) or another 33 day cycle (if it is then first day of period isn't until July 2nd). I didn't do temps or ovulation kits either to add to the guessing lol Right now I'm just going off of my body and assuming I most "likely" should be on a 28 or 29 day cycle this month.

here is the test: Again, the EPT test showed a darker positive line (I had this happen with my first pregnancy).


Here it is with image sharpened:


In person, you can see where the positive line is and a very very light amount of pink. Cramps have increased today but I feel them more in my lower back (I normally don't get those types of cramps) along with sharp cramps when I move or twist too fast (had those early on in both pregnancies). And just today I have an increase in my mucus, also had an increase of mucus with both prenancies right around AF was about to start. I'm not taking these tests as positives yet, will test tomorrow but sure hoping I am! ^_^

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