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mom2ariana June 17th, 2013 08:58 PM

I think I am done using OPK's
I don't think that OPK's are for me. I tend to worry and stress and overanalyze everything. To the point where it just isn't healthy. I know that I ovulate, as I have a daughter. I keep telling myself that, but it doesn't help really. Today is CD13, and I have yet to get a positive. The closest I have come is the test after it sits for a few minutes, as in > 5 minutes. I just took another one tonight, and it was a BFN. It was a little bit darker than any other night tests so far. But I also held it much longer. Part of me wants to take one more in the am since this one was darker and if the morning test is light again I'll stop. But the other part of me says no I'll stop.

I'm not sure if I'll regret not using them. Ugh. This really just stinks. I wish I had never bought them honestly.

Gamer_Princess June 17th, 2013 09:17 PM

Re: I think I am done using OPK's
O can still take place after CD 14 which is the most normal :) On average in a typical 30 days cycle the average date of O is close to CD 18 :) OPKS got to me so much as well so I switched to checking CP, CM, and temping :) Those are still nervewrecking things but really help pinpoint it for me. After a while you get a process that works for you, because you do not want to stress which can delay O. I would def go by CM if you are not temping or using OPKs :) GOOD LUCK sweets and Baby :dust: :)

mom2ariana June 18th, 2013 07:23 AM

Re: I think I am done using OPK's
Thank you:) I opted out of taking one this morning. Its just too much stress for me. Me and DH are going to BD regardless. We learned our lesson counting on ovulation to avoid pregnancy with my daughter, so I'm going to BD throughout the whole of my cycle. CM seems to be maybe a good indicator for me. Creamy / egg white last night. And 100% clear egg white Sunday. I may have already ovulated.

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